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1998Regularity and Cointegration in Demand SystemsKratena, Kurt; Wüger, Michael
1999Der Zusammenhang zwischen Benzin- und Rohölpreis. Analyse mit Hilfe von Transferfunktionsmodellen bzw. FehlerkorrekturansätzenWüger, Michael
2001Real Trade Costs, Fragmentation and EmploymentKratena, Kurt; Wüger, Michael
2003The Role of Technology in Interfuel Substitution: A Combined Cross-Section and Time Series ApproachKratena, Kurt; Wüger, Michael
2004Private expenditures for children in Austria - Variations in results applying different modelsBuchegger, Reiner; Wüger, Michael
2004Regularity and Long-run Dynamics in Consumer Demand SystemsKratena, Kurt; Wüger, Michael; Zakarias, Gerold
2004Private Expenditures for Children in Austria. Variations in Results Applying Different ModelsBuchegger, Reiner; Wüger, Michael
2004Does Complexity Matter? Methods for Improving Forecasting Accuracy in TourismSmeral, Egon; Wüger, Michael
2004A Consumers Demand Model with "Energy Flows", Stocks and "Energy Services"Kratena, Kurt; Wüger, Michael
2006Methods for Measuring the Effects of the EU Presidency on International TourismSmeral, Egon; Wüger, Michael
2008Combining a Demand System with the Household Production Approach. Modelling Energy Demand in Selected European CountriesKratena, Kurt; Wüger, Michael
2008Energy-Saving Technological Change and Household Energy Demand in the U.S.Kratena, Kurt; Wüger, Michael
2008Modelling the Energy Demand of Households in a Combined Top Down/Bottom Up ApproachKratena, Kurt; Meyer, Ina; Wüger, Michael
2009Ökonomische, technologische und soziodemographische Einflussfaktoren der EnergienachfrageKratena, Kurt; Meyer, Ina; Wüger, Michael
2009Umverteilung im WohlfahrtsstaatGuger, Alois; Agwi, Martina; Buxbaum, Adi; Festl, Eva; Knittler, Käthe; Halsmayer, Verena; Sturn, Simon; Wüger, Michael
2009The Impact of Technological Change and Lifestyles on the Energy Demand of Households. A Combination of Aggregate and Individual Household AnalysisKratena, Kurt; Meyer, Ina; Wüger, Michael
2010The Full Impact of Energy Efficiency on Households' Energy DemandKratena, Kurt; Wüger, Michael
2010An Intertemporal Optimisation Model of Households in an E3-Model (Economy/Energy/Environment) FrameworkKratena, Kurt; Wüger, Michael
2012Technological Change and Energy Demand in EuropeKratena, Kurt; Wüger, Michael