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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1998 Spatial Dimensions of Environmental Policies for Trans-Boundary Externalities - A Spatial Price Equilibrium ApproachVerhoef, Erik T.; Nijkamp, Peter
1998 An Integrated Dynamic Model of Road Traffic Congestion based on Simple Car-Following TheoryVerhoef, Erik T.
1998 The Implementation of Marginal External Cost Pricing in Road TransportVerhoef, Erik T.
1998 Second-Best Congestion Pricing in General Static Transportation Networks with Elastic DemandVerhoef, Erik T.
1999 Energy Saving by Firms: Decision-Making, Barriers and Policiesde Groot, Henri L.F.M.; Verhoef, Erik T.; Nijkamp, Peter
1999 Congestion ModellingLindsey, C. Robin; Verhoef, Erik T.
1999 Product Differentiation on Roads: Second-Best Congestion Pricing with Heterogeneity under Public and Private OwnershipVerhoef, Erik T.; Small, Kenneth A.
2000 A Stochastic Model of Congestion caused by Speed DifferencesRouwendal, Jan; Verhoef, Erik T.; Rietveld, Piet; Zwart, Bert
2000 The Value of Statistical Life in Road Safety: A Meta-Analysisde Blaeij, Arianne; Florax, Raymond J.G.M.; Rietveld, Piet; Verhoef, Erik T.
2000 Car Ownership and StatusVerhoef, Erik T.; van Wee, Bert
2000 Second-Best Congestion Pricing in General Static Transportation Networks with Elastic DemandsVerhoef, Erik T.
2000 Externalities in Urban SustainabilityVerhoef, Erik T.; Nijkamp, Peter
2000 Traffic Congestion and Congestion PricingLindsey, C. Robin; Verhoef, Erik T.
2000 Second-Best Congestion Pricing in General Networks - Algorithms for Finding Second-Best Optimal Toll Levels and Toll PointsVerhoef, Erik T.
2001 A Structural Model of Traffic CongestionVerhoef, Erik T.; Rouwendal, Jan
2002 Airport PricingPels, Eric; Verhoef, Erik T.
2002 Inside the QueueVerhoef, Erik T.
2003 Second-best Pricing for Imperfect Substitutes in Urban NetworksRouwendal, Jan; Verhoef, Erik T.
2003 Pricing, Capacity Choice and Financing in Transportation NetworksVerhoef, Erik T.; Rouwendal, Jan
2003 Strategic Interactions of Bilateral Monopoly on a Private HighwayWang, Judith Y.T.; Yang, Hai; Verhoef, Erik T.