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1997Testing for monopoly power when products are differentiated in qualityVerboven, Frank
1997Localized competition, multimarket operation and collusive behaviorVerboven, Frank
1998Presents or investments? An experimental analysisGneezy, Uri; Güth, Werner; Verboven, Frank
1999The evolution of price discrimination in the European car marketGoldberg, PinelopiKoujianou; Verboven, Frank
2000Efficiency gains from mergersRöller, Lars-Hendrik; Stennek, Johan; Verboven, Frank
2000Efficiency Gains from MergersRöller, Lars-Hendrik; Stennek, Johan; Verboven, Frank
2001Merger Control and Enterprise Competitiveness - Empirical Analysis and Policy RecommendationsStennek, Johan; Verboven, Frank
2012Public support for the European car industry: An integrated analysisGrigolon, Laura; Leheyda, Nina; Verboven, Frank
2013Scrapping subsidies during the financial crisis: Evidence from EuropeLeheyda, Nina; Verboven, Frank
2013Public support to the European auto industry: An integrated analysisGrigolon, Lauray; Leheyda, Nina; Verboven, Frank
2015The Impact of Online Sales on Consumers and Firms: Evidence from Household AppliancesDuch-Brown, Néstor; Grzybowski, Lukasz; Verboven, Frank
2017Evaluating Market Consolidation in Mobile CommunicationsGenakos, Christos; Valletti, Tommaso M.; Verboven, Frank
2020The political economic of financing climate policy: Evidence from the solar PV subsidy programsOlivier De Groote; Gautier, Axel; Verboven, Frank
2021Evaluating the Impact of Price Caps - Evidence from the European Roam-Like-at-Home RegulationCanzian, Giulia; Mazzarella, Gianluca; Verboven, Frank; Verzillo, Stefano; Ronchail, Louis
2022Search Costs and Diminishing SensitivityKarle, Heiko; Kerzenmacher, Florian; Schumacher, Heiner; Verboven, Frank
2023Search Costs and Context EffectsKarle, Heiko; Kerzenmacher, Florian; Schumacher, Heiner; Verboven, Frank