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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2008 Network Neutrality on the Internet: A Two-sided Market AnalysisEconomides, Nicholas; Tåg, Joacim
2008 Efficiency and the Provision of Open PlatformsTåg, Joacim
2008 Open Versus Closed PlatformsTåg, Joacim
2009 Paying to Remove AdvertisementsTåg, Joacim
2010 The Real Effects of Private Equity BuyoutsTåg, Joacim
2010 Ownership Efficiency and Tax Advantages: The Case of Private Equity BuyoutsNorbäck, Pehr-Johan; Persson, Lars; Tåg, Joacim
2010 Buying to Sell: A Theory of BuyoutsNorbäck, Pehr-Johan; Persson, Lars; Tåg, Joacim
2011 Network Neutrality and Network Management Regulation: Quality of Service, Price Discrimination, and Exclusive ContractsEconomides, Nicholas; Tåg, Joacim
2011 Acquisitions, Entry and Innovation in Network IndustriesNorbäck, Pehr-Johan; Persson, Lars; Tåg, Joacim
2012 Private Equity and EmployeesOlsson, Martin; Tåg, Joacim
2012 Institutions and Venture CapitalLerner, Josh; Tåg, Joacim
2013 Hierarchies, the Small Firm Effect, and Entrepreneurship: Evidence from Swedish MicrodataTåg, Joacim; Åstebro, Thomas; Thompson, Peter
2013 Production Hierarchies in SwedenTåg, Joacim
2013 Experience and EntrepreneurshipRider, Christopher I.; Thompson, Peter; Kacperczyk, Aleksandra; Tåg, Joacim
2013 Buying to Sell: Private Equity Buyouts and Industrial RestructuringNorbäck, Pehr-Johan; Persson, Lars; Tåg, Joacim
2014 International network competitionTangerås, Thomas P.; Tåg, Joacim
2015 Private equity, layoffs, and job polarizationOlsson, Martin; Tåg, Joacim
2015 Jobs Incorporated: Incorporation Status and Job CreationÅstebro, Thomas; Tåg, Joacim
2015 Cross-Border Acquisitions and Restructuring: Multinational Enterprises versus Private Equity-FirmsBaziki, Selva; Norbäck, Pehr-Johan; Persson, Lars; Tåg, Joacim
2016 Equal opportunity? Gender gaps in CEO appointments and executive payKeloharju, Matti; Knüpfer, Samuli; Tåg, Joacim