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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1985 Saving for Development: A Linkage Model for Informal and Formal Financial MarketsSeibel, Hans Dieter
1994 Underdeveloping Nigeria through reregulation: Will community banks survive?Seibel, Hans Dieter
1996 Microfinance Strategies: Strategies for developing viable microfinance institutions and sustainable microfinancial services in AsiaSeibel, Hans Dieter
1997 Microfinance In Indonesia: An Assessment of Microfinance Institutions Banking with the PoorSeibel, Hans Dieter; Parhusip, Uben
1997 Upgrading, Downgrading, Linking, Innovating: Microfinance Development Strategies - A Systems PerspectiveSeibel, Hans Dieter
1997 Microfinance In The Philippines: An Assessment of Viability, Sustainability and Outreach among Grameen ReplicatorsSeibel, Hans Dieter; Llanto, Gilberto M.; Garcia, Edgardo; Callanta, Ruth
1997 National Consultation-Workshop on Alternative Mechanisms for the Promotion of Microfinance in VietnamSeibel, Hans Dieter; Kunkel, Carmen R.
1998 Microfinance In Nepal: Determinants of Viability, Sustainability and Outreach among Grameen, NGO, and Cooperative Microfinance InstitutionsSeibel, Hans Dieter; Pant, Harihar Dev; Dhungel, Dipak
1998 Enhancing the Resilience of Microfinance Institutions and Programs: Lessons Learned from the Asian Financial CrisisSeibel, Hans Dieter
1998 Das nepalische Mikrofinanzsystem: Formelle und nichtformelle Finanzinstitutionen im Spannungsfeld zwischen Armutsbezug und wirtschaftlicher TragfähigkeitSeibel, Hans Dieter; Kumar, K.C.Bijay
1998 Recent Developments in MicrofinanceSeibel, Hans Dieter
1998 Grameen Replicators: Do they reach the poor, and are they sustainable?Seibel, Hans Dieter
1999 Transformer les Finances Rurales en Afrique: Le rôle d'AFRACA dans le Couplage des opérations bancaires et le Développement des systèmes financiersSeibel, Hans Dieter
1999 Banking with Very Poor Women: Outreach and Sustainability of CARD-Rural Bank, a Grameen Innovator in the PhilippinesSeibel, Hans Dieter
1999 Transforming Rural Finance in Africa: The role of AFRACA in Linkage Banking and Financial Systems DevelopmentSeibel, Hans Dieter
1999 Microfinance in marginal and upland areasSeibel, Hans Dieter
1999 Microfinance for the Poor: Can Miracles be Repeated: in the Philippines, Kosovo, and elsewhere?Seibel, Hans Dieter
1999 Outreach and Sustainability of Rural Microfinance in Asia: Observations and RecommendationsSeibel, Hans Dieter
1999 From Informal to Formal Finance: The Transformation of an Indigenous Institution in NepalSeibel, Hans Dieter; Schrader, Heiko
1999 Microfinance In Laos: A Case for Women's Banking?Seibel, Hans Dieter; Kunkel, Carmen R.