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2007 The effect of employee stock options on bank investment choice, borrowing, and capitalMehran, Hamid; Rosenberg, Joshua
2007 Regulation, subordinated debt, and incentive features of CEO compensation in the banking industryJohn, Kose; Mehran, Hamid; Qian, Yiming
2008 Corporate performance, board structure, and their determinants in the banking industryAdams, Renée B.; Mehran, Hamid
2008 ESOP fables: The impact of employee stock ownership plans on labor disputesCramton, Peter; Mehran, Hamid; Tracy, Joseph
2008 What can we learn from privately held firms about executive compensation?Cole, Rebel A.; Mehran, Hamid
2009 Bank capital and value in the cross sectionMehran, Hamid; Thakor, Anjan
2009 The impact of tax law changes on bank dividend policy, sell-offs, organizational form, and industry structureMehran, Hamid; Suher, Michael
2009 Financial visibility and the decision to go privateMehran, Hamid; Peristiani, Stavros
2009 Gender and the availability of credit to privately held firms: Evidence from the surveys of small business financesCole, Rebel A.; Mehran, Hamid
2010 Caught between Scylla and Charybdis? Regulating bank leverage when there is rent seeking and risk shiftingAcharya, Viral V.; Mehran, Hamid; Thakor, Anjan
2010 Executive compensation and risk takingBolton, Patrick; Mehran, Hamid; Shapiro, Joel
2011 Robust capital regulationAcharya, Viral; Mehran, Hamid; Schuermann, Til; Thakor, Anjan
2011 Corporate governance and banks: What have we learned from the financial crisis? : Hamid Mehran; Alan Morrison; Joel ShapiroMehran, Hamid; Morrison, Alan; Shapiro, Joel
2011 Market declines: is banning short selling the solution?Battalio, Robert; Mehran, Hamid; Schultz, Paul
2012 Corporate governance of financial institutionsMehran, Hamid; Mollineaux, Lindsay
2014 CDS and equity market reactions to stock issuances in the U.S. financial industry: Evidence from the 2002-13 periodCornett, Marcia Millon; Mehran, Hamid; Pan, Kevin; Phan, Minh; Wei, Chenyang
2014 The effect of state pension cut legislation on bank valuesCohen, Lee; Cornett, Marcia Millon; Mehran, Hamid; Tehranian, Hassan