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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1998Fiscal Policy and Growth: a SurveyMarzo, Massimiliano
2001Monetary and Fiscal Policy Interactions: the Impact on the Term Structure of Interest RatesMarzo, Massimiliano
2001Evaluating Monetary Policy Regimes: the Role of Nominal RigiditiesMarzo, Massimiliano
2001An Equilibrium Approach to the Term Structure of Interest rates with the Interaction between Monetary and Fiscal PolicyMarzo, Massimiliano
2002The Eastward Enlargement of the Eurozone : The Shaping of Capital Markets Regional Inputs on Data and StatisticMeyer, Thomas; Kiander, Jaakko; Vieira, Carlos; Vieira, Isabel; Lavra─Ź, Vladimir; Marzo, Massimiliano
2003An inventory of simple monetary policy rules in a new Keynesian macroeconomic modelLubik, Thomas A.; Marzo, Massimiliano
2003Challenges for monetary policy and the enlarged EurolandMarzo, Massimiliano
2003Final report: monetary and fiscal policyZukrowska, Katarzyna; Sobczak, Dominik; Marzo, Massimiliano
2004Volatility Matters: Taylor Rules and Capital AccumulationMarzo, Massimiliano
2004Optimal Monetary Policy in a Simple Distorted EconomyMarzo, Massimiliano
2004Content Delivery and Vertical Integration in O-L Content MarketsLanzi, Diego; Marzo, Massimiliano
2006Optimal Opportunistic Monetary Policy in A New-Keynesian ModelMarzo, Massimiliano; Strid, Ingvar; Zagaglia, Paolo
2007Credit risk and Basel II: Are non-profit firms financially different?Luppi, Barbara; Marzo, Massimiliano; Scorcu, Antonello E.
2007A credit risk model for Italian SMEsLuppi, Barbara; Marzo, Massimiliano; Scorcu, Antonello E
2007Conditional Leptokurtosis in Energy Prices: Multivariate Evidence from Futures MarketsMarzo, Massimiliano; Zagaglia, Paolo
2007Volatility forecasting for crude oil futuresMarzo, Massimiliano; Zagaglia, Paolo
2008Determinacy of interest rate rules with bond transaction services in a cashless economyMarzo, Massimiliano; Zagaglia, Paolo
2008A (Un)Pleasant Arithmetic of Fiscal Policy: the Case of Italian Public DebtMarattin, Luigi; Marzo, Massimiliano
2008Il Nuovo Accordo sul Capitale e il rapporto banca - impresa nel sistema BCC Emilia-RomagnaLuppi, Barbara; Marzo, Massimiliano; Scorcu, Antonello Eugenio
2008A continuous-time model of the term structure of interest rates with fiscal-monetary policy interactionsMarzo, Massimiliano; Romagnoli, Silvia; Zagaglia, Paolo