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Meyer, Thomas
Kiander, Jaakko
Vieira, Carlos
Vieira, Isabel
Lavrač, Vladimir
Marzo, Massimiliano
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Ezoneplus Working Paper 5A
This paper has been prepared as a part of a broader Ezoneplus project that evaluates European Monetary Union (EMU) and its enlargement to prospective members in central and eastern Europe. The project is financially supported by European Commission (HPSE-CT-2001-00084). It contains the following chapters: I. Regional input: Capital markets in Benelux, France, and Germany II. Regional Input: Capital Markets in Portugal and Spain III. Regional Input: Capital Markets in Slovenia and Hungary IV. Capital Market Deregulation, Financial Integration and Macroeconomic Performance in the Nordic Countries in the 1980s: And there any Lessons? V. The Evolution of the Banking Industry in Italy and Austria after the Introduction of the Euro
Capital Markets
Transition Economies
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Working Paper

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