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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1999Measuring the indirect costs and benefits of greenhouse gas mitigation options: Methodology and a case study from HungaryHunt, Alistair; Mason, Pamela; Markandya, Anil
2000Green national accounting: Synthesising and extending the welfare based and sustainability-standard based approachesMarkandya, Anil; Mason, Pamela; Tamborra, Marialuisa
2000Valuing damages for green accounting purposes: The GARP II approachMarkandya, Anil; Hunt, Alistair; Mason, Pamela
2003Ancillary Benefits of Climate PolicyMarkandya, Anil; Rübbelke, Dirk T.G.
2003The Influence of Climate Change Considerations on Energy Policy: The Case of RussiaMarkandya, Anil; Golub, Alexander; Strukova, E.
2004Market-based Options for Security of Energy SupplyEgenhofer, Christian; Gialoglou, Kyriakos; Luciani, Giacomo; Boots, Maroeska; Scheepers, Martin; Costantini, Valeria; Gracceva, Francesco; Markandya, Anil; Vicini, Giorgio
2004Energy Efficiency in Transition Economies: Is There Convergence Towards the EU Average?Markandya, Anil; Pedroso, Suzette; Streimikiene, Dalia
2004Empirical Analysis of National Income and So2 Emissions in Selected European CountriesMarkandya, Anil; Pedroso, Suzette; Golub, Alexander
2004Willingness to Pay to Reduce Mortality Risks: Evidence from a Three-Country Contingent Valuation StudyAlberini, Anna; Hunt, Alistair; Markandya, Anil
2004Gains of regional cooperation: Environmental problems and solutionsMarkandya, Anil
2005Identification of Options and Policy Instruments for the Internalisation of External Costs of Electricity Generation. Dissemination of External Costs of Electricity Supply Making Electricity External Costs Known to Policy-Makers MAXIMAMarkandya, Anil; Longo, Alberto
2005Security of Energy Supply: Comparing Scenarios From a European PerspectiveVicini, Giorgio; Gracceva, Francesco; Markandya, Anil; Costantini, Valeria
2005How Substitutable is Natural Capital?Markandya, Anil; Pedroso, S.
2006Air Pollution Costs in UkraineStrukova, Elena; Golub, Alexander; Markandya, Anil
2006The Role of Risk Aversion and Lay Risk in the Probabilistic Externality Assessment for Oil Tanker Routes to EuropeBigano, Andrea; Cassinelli, Mariaester; Markandya, Anil; Sferra, Fabio
2006Estimating the Value of Safety with Labor Market Data: Are the Results Trustworthy?Hintermann, Beat; Alberini, Anna; Markandya, Anil
2006The Internalization of Externalities in The Production of Electricity: Willingness to Pay for the Attributes of a Policy for Renewable EnergyLongo, Alberto; Markandya, Anil; Petrucci, Marta
2007Evaluating the Empirical Performance of Alternative Econometric Models for Oil Price ForecastingManera, Matteo; Longo, Chiara; Markandya, Anil; Scarpa, Elisa
2008Abatement cost uncertainty and policy instrument selection under a stringent climate policy: A dynamic analysisBosetti, Valentina; Golub, Alexander; Markandya, Anil; Massetti, Emanuele; Tavoni, Massimo
2008Impure public technologies and environmental policyRübbelke, Dirk T. G.; Markandya, Anil