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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1998 Was ist eigentlich an den Hochschulen los? Eine ökonomische AnalyseTietzel, Manfred; van der Beek, Kornelia; Müller, Christian
1999 Unit root tests for time series with a structural break: When the break point is knownLütkepohl, Helmut; Müller, Christian; Saikkonen, Pentti
1999 Management of R&D cooperationMüller, Christian; Herstatt, Cornelius
2000 Simultaneous-equations modelsWerwatz, Axel; Müller, Christian
2000 Money demand in Europe: Evidence from the pastHahn, Elke; Müller, Christian
2000 Money demand in Europe: Evidence from the pastMüller, Christian; Hahn, Elke
2001 The Biotechnology industry in Germany and JapanMüller, Christian
2002 On the effects of aggregating cointegrated variables over timeMüller, Christian
2002 The KOF macro model in a time series perspective: Part one: the Swiss production functionMüller, Christian
2003 Interpretation of cointegration coefficients: A paradox, a solution and empirical evidenceMüller, Christian
2003 Anmerkungen zur SchuldenbremseMüller, Christian
2003 Einflußfaktoren auf das Management von Forschungs- und Entwicklungskooperationen: Eine empirische Analyse in der BiotechnologieMüller, Christian; Herstatt, Cornelius
2003 The Swiss disease: Facts and artefactsAbrahamsen, Yngve; Aeppli, Roland; Atukeren, Erdal; Graff, Michael; Müller, Christian
2003 A challenge to the ECB's first pillar? The French experienceMüller, Christian
2003 On a remedy for temporal aggregation effectsMüller, Christian
2004 Anmerkungen zur SchuldenbremseMüller, Christian
2004 Monopolistic competition in Switzerland and mark-up pricing over the business cycleMüller, Christian
2004 Despite or because? - Some lessons of German unification for EU enlargementBusch, Ulrich; Müller, Christian
2004 Einflussfaktoren auf die Effizienz von FuE-Kooperationen in der Biotechnologie-Branche: Eine kausalanalytische UntersuchungMüller, Christian; Herstatt, Cornelius
2006 Testing temporal disaggregationMüller, Christian