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2009Exports and Externalities: the other side of trade and ecological risk and Technology Diffusion in a Competitive WorldWarziniack, Travis; Finnoff, David; Shogren, Jason F.; Bossenbroek, Jonathan; Lodge, David
2013How long can austerity persist? The factors that sustain fiscal consolidationsLodge, David; Rodriguez-Vives, Marta
2014Measuring financial conditions in major non-euro area economiesWacker, Konstantin M.; Lodge, David; Nicoletti, Giulio
2016Advanced economy inflation: the role of global factorsMikolajun, Irena; Lodge, David
2016Understanding the weakness in global trade - What is the new normal?Cabrillac, Bruno; Al-Haschimi, Alexander; Babecká Kucharčuková, Oxana; Borin, Alessandro; Bussière, Matthieu; Cezar, Raphael; Derviz, Alexis; Dimitropoulou, Dimitra; Ferrara, Laurent; Gächter, Martin; Gaulier, Guillaume; Hukkinen, Juhana; Keeney, Mary; Lodge, David; Mancin, Michele; Marsilli, Clement; Martínez-Martin, Jaime; Mroczek, Wojciech; Muck, Jakub; IRC Trade Task Force
2017The implications of global and domestic credit cycles for emerging market economies: Measures of finance-adjusted output gapsGrintzalis, Ioannis; Lodge, David; Manu, Ana-Simona
2018The transition of China to sustainable growth: Implications for the global economy and the euro areaDieppe, Alistair; Gilhooly, Robert; Han, Jenny; Korhonen, Iikka; Lodge, David
2019EME financial conditions: Which global shocks matter?Lodge, David; Manu, Ana-Simona
2019Credit, financial conditions and the business cycle in ChinaLodge, David; Soudan, Michel
2019Global growth on life support? The contributions of fiscal and monetary policy since the global financial crisisBaumann, Ursel; Lodge, David; Miescu, Mirela S.
2024China's footprint in global financial marketsLodge, David; Manu, Ana-Simona; Van Robays, Ine