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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2003 On Growth and the Direction of Technological ChangeLindenberger, Dietmar
2003 Service production functionsLindenberger, Dietmar
2004 Measuring the Economic and Ecological Performance of OECD CountriesLindenberger, Dietmar
2008 Cost shares, output elasticities, and substitutability constraintsKümmel, Reiner; Schmid, Jörg; Ayres, Robert U.; Lindenberger, Dietmar
2008 Cointegration of output, capital, labor, and energyStresing, Robert; Lindenberger, Dietmar; Kümmel, Reiner
2010 Scenarios for an energy policy concept of the German governmentNagl, Stephan; Fürsch, Michaela; Paulus, Moritz; Richter, Jan; Trüby, Johannes; Lindenberger, Dietmar
2011 A methodology to estimate security of supply in electricity generation: results for Germany until 2030 given a high level of intermittent electricity feed-inPaulus, Moritz; Grave, Katharina; Lindenberger, Dietmar
2011 Energy and the State of NationsLindenberger, Dietmar; Kümmel, Reiner
2011 German Nuclear Policy Reconsidered: Implications for the Electricity MarketFürsch, Michaela; Lindenberger, Dietmar; Malischek, Raimund; Nagl, Stephan; Panke, Timo; Trüby, Johannes
2012 The costs of electricity systems with a high share of fluctuating renewables - a stochastic investment and dispatch optimization model for EuropeNagl, Stephan; Fürsch, Michaela; Lindenberger, Dietmar
2012 Optimization of power plant investments under uncertain renewable energy development paths - A multistage stochastic programming approachFürsch, Michaela; Nagl, Stephan; Lindenberger, Dietmar
2012 Der Merit-Order-Effekt der erneuerbaren Energien - Analyse der kurzen und langen FristFürsch, Michaela; Malischek, Raimund; Lindenberger, Dietmar
2012 The role of grid extensions in a cost-efficient transformation of the European electricity system until 2050Fürsch, Michaela; Hagspiel, Simeon; Jägemann, Cosima; Nagl, Stephan; Lindenberger, Dietmar; Tröster, Eckehard
2013 Cost-Optimal Power System Extension under Flow-Based Market CouplingBrown, Tom; Cherevatskiy, Stanislav; Hagspiel, Simeon; Jägemann, Cosima; Lindenberger, Dietmar; Tröster, Eckehard
2013 The Sledge on the Slope or: Energy in the Economy, and the Paradox of Theory and PolicyKümmel, Reiner; Lindenberger, Dietmar
2013 The economic inefficiency of grid parity: The case of German photovoltaicsJägemann, Cosima; Hagspiel, Simeon; Lindenberger, Dietmar
2013 Promotion of electricity from renewable energy in Europe post 2020: The economic benefits of cooperationFürsch, Michaela; Lindenberger, Dietmar