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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2005 International Capital Mobility and Current Account Targeting in Central and Eastern European CountriesKöhler, Matthias
2006 Impact assessment of clearing and settlement regulations: Final reportKöhler, Matthias; Westerheide, Peter
2006 The Role of Banks in the Transmission of Monetary Policy in the BalticsKöhler, Matthias; Hommel, Judith; Grote, Matthias
2008 Trends im Retail-Banking: Die Bankfiliale der Zukunft - Ergebnisse einer Umfrage unter FinanzexpertenKöhler, Matthias; Lang, Gunnar
2008 Trends im Retail-Banking: Ausländische Banken im deutschen BankenmarktKöhler, Matthias
2008 Trends im Retail-Banking: Outsourcing im deutschen BankensektorKöhler, Matthias; Lang, Gunnar
2008 Transparency of Regulation and Cross-Border Bank MergersKöhler, Matthias
2008 Blockholdings and Corporate Governance in the EU Banking SectorKöhler, Matthias
2008 Finanzmarktkrise verändert europäische BankenlandschaftKöhler, Matthias
2009 Blockholdings and corporate governance in the EU banking sectorKöhler, Matthias
2009 Merger Control as Barrier to EU Banking Market IntegrationKöhler, Matthias
2010 Bedeutung von Investmentfonds für den privaten Anleger: KurzstudieSchröder, Michael; Köhler, Matthias; Iliewa, Zwetelina; Jaroszek, Lena; Lang, Gunnar
2010 Bank owners or bank managers: who is keen on risk? Evidence from the financial crisisGropp, Reint E.; Köhler, Matthias
2010 Bank Owners or Bank Managers: Who is Keen on Risk? Evidence from the Financial CrisisGropp, Reint E.; Köhler, Matthias
2010 Corporate governance and current regulation in the German banking sector: an overview and assessmentKöhler, Matthias
2010 Transparency of regulation and cross-border bank mergersKöhler, Matthias
2010 Integration, Regulation, and Corporate Governance in the EU Banking SectorKöhler, Matthias
2011 How does the domiciliation decision affect mutual fund fees?Lang, Gunnar; Köhler, Matthias
2012 Which banks are more risky? The impact of loan growth and business model on bank risk-takingKöhler, Matthias
2012 Diversification and determinants of international credit portfolios: Evidence from German banksBöninghausen, Benjamin; Köhler, Matthias