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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1999 Regulation of Renewable Resources in Federal Systems: The Case of Fishery in th EUJensen, Frank; Vestergaard, Niels
2000 Moral Hazard Problems in Fisheries Regulation: The Case og Illegal LandingsJensen, Frank; Vestergaard, Niels
2001 A Critical Review of the Fisheries Policy: Total Allowable Catches and Rations for Cod in the North SeaJensen, Frank
2001 A note on MarxOlesen, Finn; Jensen, Frank
2001 Prices versus Quantities for Common Pool ResourcesJensen, Frank
2002 Technical Efficiency of the Danish Trawl fleet: Are the Industrial Vessels Better than Others?Vestergaard, Niels; Squires, Dale; Jensen, Frank; Andersen, Jesper L.
2003 Application of the Inverse Almost Ideal Demand System to Welfare AnalysisJensen, Frank; Nielsen, Max; Roth, Eva
2004 Fisheries Management with Multiple Market FailuresJensen, Frank; Vestergaard, Niels
2004 A Cost-Benefit Analysis of a Public Labelling Scheme of Fish QualityNielsen, Max; Jensen, Frank; Roth, Eva
2004 Ratcheting in Renewable Resources ContractingBrandt, Urs Steiner; Jensen, Frank; Hansen, Lars Gårn; Vestergaard, Niels
2010 Quota Enforcement in Resource Industries: Self-Reporting and Differentiated InspectionsHansen, Lars Gårn; Jensen, Frank; Nøstbakken, Linda
2011 Regulating groundwater use in developing countries: a feasible instrument for public interventionHansen, Lars Gårn; Jensen, Frank; Amundsen, Eirik S.
2011 Instrument Choice when Regulators are Concerned about Resource ExtinctionHansen, Lars Gårn; Jensen, Frank; Russell, Clifford
2012 The Regulation of Hunting: A Population TaxAbildtrup, Jens; Jensen, Frank
2013 Prices versus Quantities: What is the discussion really about?Hansen, Lars Gårn; Jensen, Frank
2015 Forest value and optimal rotations in continuous cover forestryJacobsen, Jette Bredahl; Jensen, Frank; Thorsen, Bo Jellesmark
2016 Drought and Groundwater ManagementAmundsen, Eirik S.; Jensen, Frank
2016 Drought and Groundwater ManagementAmundsen, Eirik S.; Jensen, Frank
2017 The welfare gain from switching to tax regulation of fisheriesJensen, Frank; Hansen, Lars Gårn
2017 Management of invasive species: Should we prevent introduction or mitigate damages?Schou, Jesper S.; Jensen, Frank