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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2008 Searching for a better deal: On the influence of group decision making, time pressure and gender in a search experimentIbanez, Marcela; Czermak, Simon; Sutter, Matthias
2009 A survey-based choice experiment on coca cultivationIbanez, Marcela; Carlsson, Fredrik
2010 Adoption of certified organic technologies: the case of coffee farming in ColombiaIbanez, Marcela
2013 Is the war on drugs working? Examining the Colombian case using micro dataIbanez, Marcela
2013 The Effect of Outside Leaders on the Performance of the Organization: An ExperimentIbanez, Marcela; Schaffland, Elke
2013 Sorting Through Affirmative Action: Two Field Experiments in ColombiaIbanez, Marcela; Riener, Gerhard; Rai, Ashok
2014 Are the elder more effective implementing punishment? Experimental evidence from urban GhanaAsiedu, Edward; Ibanez, Marcela
2014 The weaker sex? Gender differences in punishment across matrilineal and patriarchal socientiesAsiedu, Edward; Ibanez, Marcela
2015 Volunteering to take on power: Experimental evidence from matrilineal and patriarchal societies in IndiaBanerjee, Debosree; Ibanez, Marcela; Riener, Gerhard; Wollni, Meike
2015 Impact of weather insurance on small scale farmers: A natural experimentDietrich, Stephan; Ibanez, Marcela
2015 Environmental and economic impacts of growing certified organic coffee in ColombiaIbanez, Marcela; Blackman, Allen
2015 Impact of Weather Insurance on Small Scale Farmers: A Natural ExperimentIbanez, Marcela; Dietrich, Stephan
2015 Conservation vs. equity: Can payments for environmental services achieve both?Vorlaufer, Miriam; Ibanez, Marcela; Juanda, Bambang; Wollni, Meike
2016 Can we fight drugs using communication campaigns? A framed field experimentIbanez, Marcela; Vasquez, Juanita
2017 Competition and prosociality: A field experiment in GhanaGrosch, Kerstin; Ibanez, Marcela; Viceisza, Angelino C. G.
2018 Formal insurance, risk sharing, and the dynamics of other-regarding preferencesFreudenreich, Hanna; Ibanez, Marcela; Dietrich, Stephan; Musshoff, Oliver
2019 Does female economic empowerment promote development?Balasubramanian, Pooja; Ibanez, Marcela; Khan, Sarah; Sahoo, Soham
2021 Community aspirations and collective actionMartini, Christina; Ibanez, Marcela; Khadjavi, Menusch
2021 Community aspirations and cooperation: Prescriptive vs. descriptive role modelsIbanez, Marcela; Khadjavi, Menusch; Martini, Christina
2021 Affirmative action and application strategies: Evidence from field experiments in ColumbiaBanerjee, Ritwik; Ibanez, Marcela; Riener, Gerhard; Sahoo, Soham