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2014 The impact of policy interactions on the recycling of plastic packaging waste in GermanyGandenberger, Carsten; Orzanna, Robert; Klingenfuß, Sara; Sartorius, Christian
2015 Theoretical perspectives on the international transfer and diffusion of climate technologiesGandenberger, Carsten
2015 Factors driving international technology transfer: Empirical insights from a CDM project surveyGandenberger, Carsten; Bodenheimer, Miriam; Schleich, Joachim; Orzanna, Robert; Macht, Lioba
2015 International transfer of technologies for climate adaptation: The case of membrane bio-reactorsSartorius, Christian; Strauch, Manuel; Gandenberger, Carsten
2015 The international transfer of wind power technology to Brazil and ChinaGandenberger, Carsten; Unger, Daniel; Strauch, Manuel; Bodenheimer, Miriam
2015 International transfer of climate technologies: Which factors influence the firm's choice of transfer channel?Peuckert, Jan; Schmid, Cleo; Gandenberger, Carsten
2016 Grundzüge einer industriell-kollaborativen WirtschaftsformLerch, Christian; Gandenberger, Carsten; Meyer, Niclas; Gotsch, Matthias
2016 "Divide et Impera?": Theoretische Perspektiven auf die Collaborative EconomyGandenberger, Carsten
2017 Nachhaltiges Wirtschaften: Stand der Transformation zu einer Green EconomyWalz, Rainer; Gotsch, Matthias; Gandenberger, Carsten; Peters, Anja; Günther, Edeltraud
2017 Giant and dwarf - China's two faces in wind energy innovationGandenberger, Carsten
2018 Institutional and organisational change in the German rail transport sectorGandenberger, Carsten; Köhler, Jonathan Hugh; Doll, Claus
2018 The globalisation of corporate R&D: Evidence from German environmental technology companiesGandenberger, Carsten
2018 China's trajectory from production to innovation: Insights from the photovoltaics sectorGandenberger, Carsten