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1999 Financial regulatory structure and the resolution of conflicting goalsWall, Larry D.; Eisenbeis, Robert A.
1999 The informativeness of stochastic frontier and programming frontier efficiency scores: Cost efficiency and other measures of bank holding company performanceEisenbeis, Robert A.; Ferrier, Gary D.; Kwan, Simon H.
2002 The major supervisory initiatives post-FDICIA: Are they based on the goals of PCA? Should they be?Eisenbeis, Robert A.; Wall, Larry D.
2004 Resolving large financial intermediaries: banks versus housing enterprisesEisenbeis, Robert A.; Frame, W. Scott; Wall, Larry D.
2004 Agency problems and goal conflictsEisenbeis, Robert A.
2006 Home country versus cross-border negative externalities in barge banking organization failures and how to avoid themEisenbeis, Robert A.
2006 Transparency, expectations, and forecastsBauer, Andrew; Eisenbeis, Robert A.; Waggoner, Daniel F.; Zha, Tao
2006 An analysis of the systemic risks posed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and an evaluation of the policy options for reducing those risksEisenbeis, Robert A.; Frame, W. Scott; Wall, Larry D.
2007 Cross-border banking: Challenges for deposit insurance and financial stability in the European UnionEisenbeis, Robert A.; Kaufman, George G.
2009 The Failure of Northern Rock: A multi-dimensional Case StudyCongdon, Tim; Goodhart, Charles A.E.; Eisenbeis, Robert A.; Kaufman, George G.; Hamalainen, Paul; Lastra, Rosa M.; Llewellyn, David T.; Mayes, David G.; Wood, Geoffrey; Milne, Alastair; Onado, Marco; Taylor, Michael
2009 Multinational Banking and Regulatory Challenges: Lessons from the US Experience with AIGEisenbeis, Robert A.
2010 Resolving troubled systemically important cross-border financial institutions: Is a new corporate organizational form required?Cumming, Christine; Eisenbeis, Robert A.