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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2000Back to the future: The growth prospects of transition economies reconsideredCampos, Nauro F.
2004Estimating the determinants of foreign direct investment inflows: how important are sampling and omitted variable biases?Kinoshita, Yuko; Campos, Nauro F.
2005The determinants of asset stripping: theory and evidence from the transition economiesCampos, Nauro F.; Giovannoni, Francesco
2006Reform redux: measurement, determinants and reversalsCampos, Nauro F.; Horváth, Roman
2006Lobbying, corruption and political influenceCampos, Nauro F.; Giovannoni, Francesco
2006Educational inputs and outcomes before the transition from communismBeirne, John; Campos, Nauro F.
2006Crises, what crises?Campos, Nauro F.; Hsiao, Cheng; Nugent, Jeffrey B.
2007Earnings, schooling and economic reform: econometric evidence from Hungary (1986 - 2004)Campos, Nauro F.; Jolliffe, Dean
2007Growth, volatility and political instability: non-linear time-series evidence for Argentina, 1896 - 2000Campos, Nauro F.; Karanasos, Menelaos G.
2007Does reform work? An econometric examination of the reform-growth puzzleBabetskii, Ian; Campos, Nauro F.
2007On the dynamics of ethnic fractionalizationCampos, Nauro F.; Kuzeyev, Vitaliy S.
2007Does reform work? An econometric examination of the reform-growth puzzleBabetskii, Ian; Campos, Nauro F.
2008So many rocket scientists, so few marketing clerks: estimating the effects of economic reform on occupational mobility in EstoniaCampos, Nauro F.; Dabušinskas, Aurelijus
2008Lobbying, corruption and other banesCampos, Nauro F.; Giovannoni, Francesco
2008Foreign direct investment and structural reforms: evidence from Eastern Europe and Latin AmericaCampos, Nauro F.; Kinoshita, Yuko
2008Two to tangle: financial development, political instability and economic growth in Argentina (1896 - 2000)Campos, Nauro F.; Karanasos, Menelaos G.; Tan, Bin
2008Paintings and numbers: an econometric investigation of sales rates, prices and returns in Latin American art auctionsCampos, Nauro F.; Leite Barbosa, Renate
2009From Riches to Rags, and Back? Explaining the Growth Trajectory of Argentina since the 1890sCampos, Nauro F.; Karanasos, Menelaos G.; Tan, Bin
2009Financial liberalization and democracy: the role of reform reversalsCampos, Nauro F.; Coricelli, Fabrizio
2009Dynamic ethnic fractionalization and economic growth in the transition economies from 1989 to 2007Campos, Nauro F.; Saleh, Ahmad; Kuzeyev, Vitaliy S.