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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1997 Die preistreibende Wirkung des StromeinspeisungsgesetzesSchmelzer, Dirk; Bolle, Friedel
2004 Altruistic Behavior Under Incomplete InformationBolle, Friedel; Kritikos, Alexander S.
2004 Crowding out and imitation behavior in the solidarity gameVogel, Claudia; Heimel, Jana; Bolle, Friedel
2005 The Economics of Solidarity: A Conceptual FrameworkKritikos, Alexander S.; Bolle, Friedel; Tan, Jonathan H. W.
2005 Utility-Based Altruism: Evidence in Favour Gary BeckerBolle, Friedel; Kritikos, Alexander S.
2005 Cyclical price fluctuations caused by information inertia : evidence from the German call-by-call telephone marketBaier, Antje; Bolle, Friedel
2006 Utility versus Income-Based AltruismKritikos, Alexander S.; Bolle, Friedel
2006 Are gas release auctions effective?Bolle, Friedel; Breitmoser, Yves
2006 On the Allocative Efficiency of Ownership UnbundlingBolle, Friedel; Breitmoser, Yves
2007 A Price is a signal: on intrinsic motivation and crowding-outBolle, Friedel
2007 Competition and Security of Supply: Let Russia Buy into the European Gas Market!Bolle, Friedel; Ruban, Rostyslav
2008 Steuerlastgestaltung im deutsch-polnischen Kontext mithilfe einer ProduktionsaufspaltungBolle, Friedel
2008 Over- and under-investment according to different benchmarksBolle, Friedel
2009 Small numbers matching markets: Unstable and inefficient due to over-competition?Otto, Philipp E.; Bolle, Friedel
2010 VendettasBolle, Friedel; Tan, Jonathan H. W.; Zizzo, Daniel John
2011 Who helps whom? Risk taking and solidarity in a virtual world experimentLübbe, Ingmar; Bolle, Friedel
2011 Passing the buckBolle, Friedel
2011 Solidarity, responsibility and group identityCostard, Jano; Bolle, Friedel
2013 Who shows solidarity with the irresponsible?Bolle, Friedel; Costard, Jano
2014 On a class of threshold public goods games: With applications to voting and the Kyoto ProtocolBolle, Friedel