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2006The Babeldaob road: the impact of road construction on rural labor force outcomes in the Republic of PalauAkee, Randall K. Q.
2006Checkerboards and coase: transactions costs and efficiency in land marketsAkee, Randall K. Q.
2007The persistence of self-employment across borders: new evidence on legal immigrants to the United StatesAkee, Randall K. Q.; Jaeger, David A.; Tatsiramos, Konstantinos
2007Errors in self-reported earnings: the role of previous earnings volatilityAkee, Randall K. Q.
2007Who leaves and who returns? Deciphering immigrant self-selection from a developing countryAkee, Randall K. Q.
2008A note on measures of human capital for immigrants: examining the American Community Survey and New Immigrant SurveyAkee, Randall K. Q.; Yuksel, Mutlu
2008Parents' incomes and children's outcomes: a quasi-experimentAkee, Randall K. Q.; Copeland, William; Keeler, Gordon; Angold, Adrian; Costello, E. Jane
2010Skin Tone's decreasing importance on employment: Evidence from a longitudinal dataset, 1985-2000Akee, Randall K. Q.; Yuksel, Mutlu
2010Does more money make you fat? The effects of quasi-experimental income transfers on adolescent and young adult obesityAkee, Randall K. Q.; Simeonova, Emilia; Copeland, William; Angold, Adrian; Costello, E. Jane
2010Ethnic fragmentation, conflict, displaced persons and human trafficking: An empirical analysisAkee, Randall K. Q.; Basu, Arnab K.; Chau, Nancy H.; Khamis, Melanie
2011Transnational trafficking, law enforcement and victim protection: A middleman trafficker's perspectiveAkee, Randall K. Q.; Bedi, Arjun S.; Basu, Arnab K.; Chau, Nancy
2012Constitutions and economic development: Evidence from the American Indian NationsAkee, Randall K. Q.; Jorgensen, Miriam; Sunde, Uwe
2016Excess Mortality, Institutionalization and Homelessness Among Status Indians in CanadaAkee, Randall K. Q.; Feir, Donna
2018Unintended Consequences of China's New Labor Contract Law on Unemployment and Welfare Loss of the WorkersAkee, Randall K. Q.; Zhao, Liqiu; Zhao, Zhong
2019The Impact of Medicaid on Medical Utilization in a Vulnerable Population: Evidence from COFA MigrantsHalliday, Timothy J.; Akee, Randall K. Q.; Sentell, Tetine; Inada, Megan; Miyamura, Jill
2022Native American "Deaths of Despair" and Economic ConditionsAkee, Randall K. Q.; Feir, Donn. L.; Gorzig, Marina Mileo; Myers Jr, Samuel