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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2016Macroeconomic implications of the German financial equalization systemMatthaei, Stephan; Stähler, Nikolai
2016Thoughts on a fiscal union in EMUGadatsch, Niklas; Hollmayr, Josef; Stähler, Nikolai
2016Budget-neutral labour tax wedge reductions: A simulation-based analysis for selected euro area countriesAttinasi, Maria-Grazia; Prammer, Doris; Stähler, Nikolai; Tasso, Martino; Van Parys, Stefan
2016Optimal unemployment insurance and international risk sharingMoyen, Stéphane; Stähler, Nikolai; Winkler, Fabian
2016Optimal Unemployment Insurance and International Risk SharingStähler, Nikolai; Moyen, Stephane; Winkler, Fabian
2017A model-based analysis of the macroeconomic impact of the refugee migration to GermanyStähler, Nikolai
2018Labor tax reductions in Europe: The role of property taxationBielecki, Marcin; Stähler, Nikolai
2019Labor market reforms, precautionary savings, and global imbalancesHochmuth, Brigitte; Moyen, Stephane; Stähler, Nikolai
2019Backing the right horse: Entry versus fixed costs subsidiesRöhe, Oke; Stähler, Nikolai
2019Who benefits from using property taxes to finance a labor tax wedge reduction?Stähler, Nikolai
2019When old meets young? Germany's population ageing and the current accountSchön, Matthias; Stähler, Nikolai
2020Demographics and the decline in firm entry: Lessons from a life-cycle modelRöhe, Oke; Stähler, Nikolai
2020Economic consequences of high public debt: Evidence from three large scale DSGE modelsBurriel, Pablo; Checherita-Westphal, Cristina; Jacquinot, Pascal; Schön, Matthias; Stähler, Nikolai
2020The impact of aging and automation on the macroeconomy and inequalityStähler, Nikolai
2020Household savings, capital investments and public policies: What drives the German current account?Ruppert, Kilian; Stähler, Nikolai
2020Demographics and the Decline in Firm Entry: Lessons from a Life-Cycle ModelRöhe, Oke; Stähler, Nikolai
2020Parity funding of health care contributions in Germany: A DSGE perspectiveEnders, Almira; Groll, Dominik; Stähler, Nikolai
2020A model-based analysis of the German current account surplusBursian, Dirk; Goldbach, Stefan; Jochem, Axel; Nagengast, Arne; Schön, Matthias; Stähler, Nikolai; Vetlov, Igor
2021Consumption taxation to finance pension paymentsRuppert, Kilian; Schön, Matthias; Stähler, Nikolai
2021Re-allocating taxing rights and minimum tax rates in international profit taxationKempkes, Gerhard; Stähler, Nikolai