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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2003 Competitive Markets, Collective Decisions and Group FormationGersbach, Hans; Haller, Hans
2003 Competition of politicians for wages and officeGersbach, Hans
2003 A product market theory of worker trainingGersbach, Hans; Schmutzler, Armin
2003 Structural Reforms and the Macroeconomy: The Role of General Equilibrium EffectsGersbach, Hans
2003 When inefficiency begets efficiencyGersbach, Hans; Haller, Hans
2004 Do risk premia protect from banking crisis?Gersbach, Hans; Wenzelburger, Jan
2004 Globalization and general worker trainingGersbach, Hans; Schmutzler, Armin
2004 When Inefficiency Begets EfficiencyGersbach, Hans; Haller, Hans
2004 High Compensation Creates a Ratchet EffectGlazer, Amihai; Gersbach, Hans
2005 Bargaining power and equilibrium consumptionGersbach, Hans; Haller, Hans
2005 Self-financing environmental mechanismsBreitscheidel, Jörg; Gersbach, Hans
2005 Can democracy educate a society?Gersbach, Hans; Siemers, Lars-H. R.
2005 Beware of Workaholics : Household Preferences and Individual Equilibrium UtilityGersbach, Hans; Haller, Hans
2006 Elections, Contracts and MarketsGersbach, Hans; Müller, Markus
2006 Growth and Enduring Epidemic DiseasesBell, Clive; Gersbach, Hans
2006 Voice and bargaining powerGersbach, Hans; Haller, Hans
2006 On the coexistence of banks and marketsGersbach, Hans; Uhlig, Harald
2006 Foreign direct investment and R&D offshoringGersbach, Hans; Schmutzler, Armin
2006 A product-market theory of industry-specific trainingGersbach, Hans; Schmutzler, Armin
2006 The macroeconomics of targeting: the case of an enduring epidemicBell, Clive; Gersbach, Hans