Working Papers, Department of Economics, Bar-Ilan University

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2015 Generalizations of optimal growth theory: Stochastic models, mathematics, and meta-synthesisSpear, Stephen; Young, Warren
2015 PoleyquilibriumMilchtaich, Igal
2015 Endogenous fertility with a sibship size effectBrezis, Elise S.; Dos Santos Ferreira, Rodolphe
2015 Democracy with group identityHillman, Arye L.; Metsuyanim, Kfir; Potrafke, Niklas
2015 Values for cooperative games over graphs and games with inadmissible coalitionsHellman, Ziv; Peretz, Ron
2015 Mind the gap: Crowd-funding and the role of seed moneyDeutsch, Joseph; Epstein, Gil S.; Nir, Alon
2014 An empirical analysis of search costs and price dispersionSherman, Joshua; Weiss, Avi
2014 Making aid work: Governance and decentralizationEpstein, Gil S.; Gang, Ira N.
2014 Age at immigration and high school dropoutsCohen Goldner, Sarit; Epstein, Gil S.
2014 Health risk factors among the older European populations: Personal and country effectsGarcía-Muñoz, Teresa; Neuman, Shoshana; Neuman, Tzahi
2014 Paid basic income, fertility rates and economic growthBrezis, Elise S.
2014 Even education and experience has its limits: Closing the wage gapEpstein, Gil S.; Gafni, Dalit; Siniver, Erez
2014 The revolving door indicator: Estimating the distortionary power of the revolving doorBrezis, Elise S.; Cariolle, Joel
2014 Ethnic goods and immigrant assimilationAbdulloev, Ilhom; Epstein, Gil S.; Gang, Ira N.
2014 The UN Goldstone Report and retraction: An empirical investigationHillman, Arye L.; Potrafke, Niklas
2014 Geography, economics and political systems: A bird's eye viewBrezis, Elise S.; Verdier, Thierry
2014 Job quality in segmented labor markets: The Israeli caseNeuman, Shoshana
2014 Quasi-free goods and social norms: The effects of quantity restrictions and scrutinyBoshi, Shlomi; Lavie, Moshik; Weiss, Avi
2014 Ethnosizing immigrants: A theoretical frameworkEpstein, Gil S.; Heizler, Odelia
2014 Cake cutting: Fair and squareSegal-Halevi, Erel; Nitzan, Shmuel
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 132