LIS Working Paper Series, Luxembourg Income Study (LIS)

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2022 The atlas of inequality aversion: Theory and empirical evidence from the Luxembourg Income Study DatabaseKot, Stanisław Maciej; Paradowski, Piotr R.
2022 The barycenter of the distribution and its application to the measurement of inequality: The balance of inequality, the Gini index, and the Lorenz curveDi Maio, Giorgio
2022 Global trends in intergenerational income inequality?Guaitoli, Gabriele; Pancrazi, Roberto
2022 Occupational attainment in Germany and the United States 2000-2016: The role of gender and immigration statusPark, Paige N.
2022 Redistribution and child poverty: A cross-national comparison between Brazil, Colombia, Panama, Peru, Russia, and South AfricaGonzález, Marcela F.
2022 Gendered globalization: The relationship between globalization and gender gaps in employment and occupational opportunitiesRoll, Yoav; Semyonov, Moshe; Mandel, Hadas
2022 Fiscal impoverishment in rich democraciesSchechtl, Manuel; O'Brien, Rourke L.
2022 Married women's employment and motherhood employment penalty by couple's educational attainments across 10 countriesKang, Ji Young; Lee, Wonjin; Ham, Sunyu; Wang, Julia Shu-Huah
2022 The impacts of industry wage premiums and education levels on gender inequality: Evidence from five developed countriesYao, Yao; Li, Zheng
2022 The relationship between single motherhood, employment and povertyBrady, David; Finnigan, Ryan; Hübgen, Sabine
2022 Optimal labor income taxation: The role of the skill distributionMiao, Dingquan
2022 Single parents competing in a dual-earner society: Leveling the playing fieldNieuwenhuis, Rense
2022 Structural racism, family structure, and black-white inequality in poverty: The differential impact of the legacy of slavery among single mother & married parent householdsBaker, Regina S.; O'Connell, Heather A.
2022 Higher education expansion & labour income inequality in high-income countries: A gender-specific perspectiveSauer, Petra; Van Kerm, Philippe; Checchi, Daniele
2022 The micro-foundations of permanent austerity: Income stagnation and the decline of taxability in advanced democraciesJacques, Olivier; Weisstanner, David
2022 Single mothers' income in twelve rich nations: Differences in disadvantage across the distributionHarkness, Susan
2022 What makes old-age poverty in East Asian societies so high?Ku, Inhoe; Lee, Wonjin; Abe, Aya; Mengbing, Zhu; Li, Shi; Yeh, Chungyang; Kim, Dongjin
2022 Couples division of paid work and rising home income inequality: A cross-country comparison, 1994-2013Herzberg-Druker, Efrat
2022 Poverty among young adults in East Asia: A comparative studyByun, Geumsun; Park, Mihee; Ko, Hyejin
2022 Explaining the child poverty outcomes of Japan, South Korea and TaiwanBradbury, Bruce; Abe, Aya; Jäntti, Markus; Ku, Inhoe; Wang, Julia Shu-Huah
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 837