LIS Working Paper Series, Luxembourg Income Study (LIS)

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2018 Equitable redistribution without taxation: A lesson from East Asian miracle countriesRahman, Md. Arifur
2018 Income inequality, redistributive preferences and the extent of redistribution: An empirical application of optimal tax approachTanninen, Hannu; Tuomala, Matti; Tuominen, Elina
2018 More necessary and less sufficient: An age-period-cohort approach to overeducation in comparative perspectiveBar-Haim, Eyal; Chauvel, Louis; Hartung, Anne
2018 Inequality in Poland: Estimating the whole distribution by g-percentile 1983-2015Bukowski, Pawel; Novokmet, Filip
2018 Cross countries: International comparisons of intergenerational trendsRahman, Fahmida; Tomlinson, Daniel
2018 The persistence of the gender earnings gap: Cohort trends and the role of education in twelve countriesBar-Haim, Eyal; Chauvel, Louis; Gornick, Janet C.; Hartung, Anne
2018 Job tasks and the comparative structure of income and employment: Routine task intensity and offshorability for the LISMahutga, Matthew C.; Curran, Michaela; Roberts, Anthony
2018 Empirical challenges comparing inequality across countries: The case of middle-income countries from the LIS databaseChecchi, Daniele; Cupak, Andrej; Munzi, Teresa; Gornick, Janet C.
2018 Childcare markets and maternal employment: A typologyFlynn, Lindsay
2018 The type of right-wing government and the decline of middle-income strata in industrialized democraciesByun, Young-hwan
2018 "Left behind?"- financialization and income inequality between the affluent, middle class, and the poorHyde, Allen
2018 Manufacturing jobs: Implicationsfor income inequalityNovta, Natalija; Pugacheva, Evgenia
2018 Rising mean incomes for whom?Krause, Melanie; Shao, Liang Frank
2018 Trade, inequality, and subjective well-being: Getting at the roots of the backlash against globalizationDluhosch, Barbara
2018 Within-group inequality in cross-national perspectiveVanHeuvelen, Tom
2018 Financialization and inequality in coordinated and liberal market economiesHuber, Evelyne; Petrova, Bilyana; Stephens, John D.
2018 Inequality of opportunity in developing countries: Does the income aggregate matter?Suárez Álvarez, Ana; López Menéndez, Ana Jesús
2018 Contribution of child maintenance on lone mothers' income in five welfare statesHakovirta, Mia; Jokela, Merita
2018 Accounting for private health care expenses in measures of nations' redistributive effortBaird, Katherine
2018 Work-family reconciliation policies and women's and mothers' labor market outcomes in rich democraciesBrady, David; Blome, Agnes; Kmec, Julie A.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 762