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Moci, Luca
Settepanella, Simona
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LEM Working Paper Series 2010/13
A toric arrangement is a finite set of hypersurfaces in a complex torus, every hypersurface being the kernel of a character. In the present paper we build a CW-complex S homotopy equivalent to the arrangement complement Rx, with a combinatorial description similar to that of the well-known Salvetti complex. If the toric arrangement is defined by a Weyl group, we also provide an algebraic description, very handy for cohomology computations. In the last part we give a description in terms of tableaux for a toric arrangement of type An appearing in robotics.
Arrangement of hyperplanes
toric arrangements
CW complexes
Salvetti complex
Weyl groups
integer cohomology
Young Tableaux
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Working Paper

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