LEM Working Paper Series, Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna

ISSN: 2284-0400

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2022 Knowing brown and inventing green? Incremental and radical innovative activities in the automotive sectorMazzei, Julia; Rughi, Tommaso; Virgillito, Maria Enrica
2022 Using the Leiden Rankings as a heuristics: Evidence from Italian universities in the European landscapeDaraio, Cinzia; Di Leo, Simone; Leydesdorff, Loet
2022 Venture capital investments through the lens of network and functional data analysisEsposito, Christian; Gortan, Marco; Testa, Lorenzo; Chiaromonte, Francesca; Fagiolo, Giorgio; Mina, Andrea; Rossetti, Giulio
2022 On the evolutionary stability of the sentiment investorAntico, Andrea; Bottazzi, Giulio; Giachini, Daniele
2022 Reconstructing income inequality in Italy: New evidence and tax policy implications from distributional national accountsGuzzardi, Demetrio; Palagi, Elisa; Roventini, Andrea; Santoro, Alessandro
2022 Specialize or diversify? And in what? Trade composition, quality of specialization and persistent growthDosi, Giovanni; Riccio, Federico; Virgillito, Maria Enrica
2022 A regional input-output model of the Covid-19 crisis in Italy: Decomposing demand and supply factorsReissl, Severin; Caiani, Alessandro; Lamperti, Francesco; Ferraresi, Tommaso; Ghezzi, Leonardo
2022 Technological interdependencies and employment changes in European industriesCresti, Lorenzo; Dosi, Giovanni; Fagiolo, Giorgio
2022 Digitalization, copyright and innovation in the creative industries: An agent-based modelMartinelli, Arianna; Nuvolari, Alessandro; Palagi, Elisa; Russo, Emanuele
2022 Strategically biased learning in market interactionsBottazzi, Giulio; Giachini, Daniele
2022 Toxic pollution and labour markets: Uncovering Europe's left-behind placesBez, Charlotte; Virgillito, Maria Enrica
2022 Patent disputes as emerging barriers to technology entry? Empirical evidence from patent oppositionMartinelli, Arianna; Mazzei, Julia; Moschella, Daniele
2022 The North-South divide: Sources of divergence, policies for convergenceFanti, Lucrezia; Pereira, Marcelo C.; Virgillito, Maria Enrica
2022 E pluribus, quaedam: Gross domestic product out of a dashboard of indicatorsGuerini, Mattia; Vanni, Fabio; Napoletano, Mauro
2022 A numerical revolution: The diffusion of practical mathematics and the growth of pre-modern European economiesDanna, Raffaele; Iori, Martina; Mina, Andrea
2022 The labour share along global value chains: Perspectives and evidence from sectoral interdependenceRiccio, Federico; Cresti, Lorenzo; Virgillito, Maria Enrica
2022 Economic impacts of natural hazards and complexity science: A critical reviewCoronese, Matteo; Luzzati, Davide
2022 Approximations and inference for nonparametric production frontiersDaraio, Cinzia; Simar, LĂ©opold
2022 Quantifying knowledge spillovers from advances in negative emissions technologiesTripodi, Giorgio; Lamperti, Francesco; Mavilia, Roberto; Mina, Andrea; Chiaromonte, Francesca; Lillo, Fabrizio
2022 On the impact of serial dependence on penalized regression methodsTonini, Simone; Chiaromonte, Francesca; Giovannelli, Alessandro
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 630