LEM Working Paper Series, Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2015 A model of cognitive and operational memory of organizations in changing worldsDosi, Giovanni; Marengo, Luigi; Paraskevopoulou, Evita; Valente, Marco
2015 What do firms know? What do they produce? A new look at the relationship between patenting profiles and patterns of product diversificationDosi, Giovanni; Grazzi, Marco; Moschella, Daniele
2015 The guardians of capitalism: International consensus and fascist technocratic implementation of austerityMattei, Clara Elisabetta
2015 Four engines of inequalityFranzini, Maurizio; Pianta, Mario
2015 Testing the "separability" condition in two-stage nonparametric models of productionDaraio, Cinzia; Simar, Leopold; Wilson, Paul W.
2015 Where does the surplus go? Disentangling the capital-labor distributive conflictBogliacino, Francesco; Guarascio, Dario; Cirillo, Valeria
2015 Social learning and higher order beliefs: A structural model of exchange rates dynamicsPancotto, Francesca; Pignataro, Giuseppe; Raggi, Davide
2015 Causal relations between knowledge-intensive business services and regional employment growthBrenner, Thomas; Capasso, Marco; Duschl, Matthias; Frenken, Koen; Treibich, Tania
2015 Non-linear externalities in firm localizationBottazzi, Giulio; Gragnolati, Ugo; Vanni, Fabio
2015 Gender gap in patenting activities: Evidence from IranEshtehardi, Mojgan Samandar Ali; Bagheri, Seyed Kamran
2015 Drift criteria for persistence of discrete stochastic processes on the lineBottazzi, Giulio; Dindo, Pietro
2015 Survival in speculative marketsDindo, Pietro
2015 Taming macroeconomic instability: Monetary and macro prudential policy interactions in an agent-based modelPopoyan, Lilit; Napoletano, Mauro; Roventini, Andrea
2015 Long-run heterogeneity in an exchange economy with fixed-mix tradersBottazzi, Giulio; Dindo, Pietro; Giachini, Daniele
2015 Labour market reforms in Italy: Evaluating the efects of the Jobs ActFana, Marta; Guarascio, Dario; Cirillo, Valeria
2015 The dynamics of skills: Technology and business cyclesCirillo, Valeria; Pianta, Mario; Nascia, Leopoldo
2015 Preventing environmental disasters: Market-based vs. command-and-control policiesLamperti, Francesco; Napoletano, Mauro; Roventini, Andrea
2015 Structural change and innovation in developing economies: A way out of the middle income trap?Vivarelli, Marco
2015 Inside the virtuous cycle between productivity, profitability, investment and corporate growth: An anatomy of China industrializationYu, Xiaodan; Dosi, Giovanni; Grazzi, Marco; Lei, Jiasu
2015 Entry of painters in the Amsterdam market of the golden ageEtro, Federico; Stepanova, Elena
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 371