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Sabir, Muhammad
Koetse, Mark
Ommeren, Jos Van
Rietveld, Piet
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Tinbergen Institute Discussion Paper 10-029/3
In the present study we carry out an analysis of speed fluctuations as a determinant of the quality of public transport. We do this by focusing on a special cause of unreliability: variations in weather conditions. We use hourly measured weather conditions. The panel data results imply that snow has a substantial negative effect on the speed public transport. The associated welfare loss is 53 eurocent per commuting trip per person made by train and 76 eurocent per commuting trip per person made by bus, tram and metro. Rain strongly affects the speed of bus, tram and metro commuting trips on congested routes. The associated welfare loss is 1.15 euro per commuting trip per person.
Public transport
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Working Paper
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