Tinbergen Institute Discussion Papers

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2024Bootstrapping GARCH models under dependent innovationsBeutner, Eric; Schaumburg, Julia; Spanjers, Barend
2024Adversarial economic preferences predict right-wing votingBuser, Thomas
2024Social desirability bias in attitudes towards sexism and DEI policies in the workplaceBoring, Anne; Delfgaauw, Josse
2024A duration analysis of housing construction times: Evidence on the role of option values, public involvement and stalled sitesBrugman, Lars; Rouwendal, Jan
2024A robust Beveridge-Nelson decomposition using a score-driven approach with an applicationBlasques, Francisco; van Brummelen, Janneke; Gorgi, Paolo; Koopman, Siem Jan
2024Careers in multinational enterprisesRoesch, Marcus; Gerritse, Michiel; Karreman, Bas
2024Intra-household insurance and the intergenerational transmission of income riskAgostinelli, Francesco; Ferraro, Domenico; Qiu, Xincheng; Sorrenti, Giuseppe
2024Intergenerational Persistence in the Effects of Compulsory Schooling in the USGalama, Titus; Munteanu, Andrei; Thom, Kevin
2024Repeated games with partner choiceGraser, Christopher; Fujiwara, Takako; García, Julián; van Veelen, Matthijs
2024A novel test for the presence of local explosive dynamicsBlasques, Francisco; Koopman, Siem Jan; Mingoli, Gabriele; Telg, Sean
2024Skipping your workout, again? Measuring and understanding time inconsistency in physical activityCeallaigh, Diarmaid Ó; Rohde, Kirsten I. M.; Van Kippersluis, Hans
2024Political economy of climate change adaptation: Loss of habitat and rising inequalityvan der Straten, Yasmine; Perotti, Enrico; van der Ploeg, Frederick
2024Learning the value of Eco-Labels: The role of information in sustainable decisionsHirmas, Alejandro; Engelmann, Jan
2024Wages and employment in the Netherlands, 2017-2023Klinker, Iris; ter Weel, Bas
2024Taylor rules with endogenous regimesAastveit, Knut Are; Cross, Jamie; Furlanetto, Francesco; van Dijk, Herman K.
2024Heritability and public policy reconsidered, againRietveld, Cornelius A.
2024The generalized price equationvan Veelen, Matthijs
2024Preference heterogeneity in a dynamic flow congestion modelYu, Xiaojuan; van den Berg, Vincent A. C.; Verhoef, Erik T.
2024From two heads to one: The short-run effects of the recentralization of political power in rural ChinaMarie, Olivier; Post, Thomas; Ye, Zihan; Zou, Xiaopeng
2024Industrial transfer policy in China: Migration and developmentGerritse, Michiel; Wang, Zhiling; van Oort, Frank
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 3214