Tinbergen Institute Discussion Papers

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2020 Spillovers in Childbearing Decisions and Fertility Transitions: Evidence from ChinaRossi, Pauline; Xiao, Yun
2020 Educational Choice, Initial Wage and Wage GrowthMazza, Jacopo; van Ophem, Hans
2020 Who benefits from transfers?Hoey, Samuel; Peeters, Thomas; Principe, Francesco
2020 The Jacobian of the exponential functionMagnus, Jan R.; Pijls, Henk G.J.; Sentana, Enrique
2020 Beta observation-driven models with exogenous regressors: a joint analysis of realized correlation and leverage effectsGorgi, Paolo; Koopman, Siem Jan
2020 Election systems, the "beauty premium" in politics, and the beauty of dissentPotrafke, Niklas; Rösch, Marcus; Ursprung, Heinrich
2020 Commit to a credible path of rising CO2 pricesvan Wijnbergen, Sweder; van der Ploeg, Rick; Olijslagers, Stan
2020 Individual weighted excess and least square valuesZhang, Xia; van den Brink, Rene; Estevez-Fernandez, Arantza; Sun, Hao
2020 If Sick-Leave becomes More Costly, Will I go back to Work? Could it be too soon?Marie, Olivier; Vall Castello, Judit
2020 Risk attitude and air pollution: Evidence from chessKlingen, Joris; van Ommeren, Jos
2020 Lie detection: A strategic analysis of the Verifiability ApproachIoannidis, Konstantinos; Offerman, Theo; Sloof, Randolph
2020 On the effect of anchoring on valuations when the anchor is transparently uninformativeIoannidis, Konstantinos; Offerman, Theo; Sloof, Randolph
2020 OPEC, Unconventional Oil and Climate Change - On the importance of the order of extractionBenchekroun, Hassan; van der Meijden, Gerard; Withagen, Cees
2020 Leaving the Tub: the Nature and Dynamics of Hypercongestion in a Bathtub Model with a Restricted Downstream ExitBao, Yue; Verhoef, Erik T.; Koster, Paul
2020 How Banks Respond to Distress: Shifting Risks in Europe's Banking UnionMink, Mark; Ramcharan, Rodney; van Lelyveld, Iman
2020 Crowded trades, market clustering, and price instabilityvan Kralingen, Marc; Garlaschelli, Diego; Scholtus, Karolina; van Lelyveld, Iman
2020 Financial Linkages and Sectoral Business Cycle Synchronization: Evidence from EuropeBoehm, Hannes; Schaumburg, Julia; Tonzer, Lena
2020 Emergent hypercongestion in Vickrey bottleneck networksFrascaria, Dario; Olver, Neil; Verhoef, Erik T.
2020 Dynamic clustering of multivariate panel dataLucas, André; Schaumburg, Julia; Schwaab, Bernd
2020 Smooth marginalized particle filters for dynamic network effect modelsWang, Dieter; Schaumburg, Julia
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 2833