IES Working Papers

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2015 The impact of macroeconomic news on Polish and Czech government bond marketsHausenblas, Václav; Pištora, Vojtěch
2015 Publication bias in measuring climate sensitivityHavránková, Zuzana; Reckova, Dominika
2015 Exchange rate pass-through in an emerging market: The case of the Czech RepublicHájek, Jan; Horváth, Roman
2015 The impact of German macroeconomic data announcements on the Czech financial marketMoravcová, Michala
2015 GARCH models, tail indexes and error distributions: An empirical investigationŠopov, Boril; Horváth, Roman
2015 Limited liability, asset price bubbles and the credit cycle: The role of monetary policyMateju, Jakub
2015 A comparison of financial performance of Czech credit unions and European cooperative banksKuc, Matěj; Teplý, Petr
2015 Bank competition and financial stability: Much ado about nothing?Žigraiová, Diana; Havránek, Tomáš
2015 Habit formation in consumption: A meta-analysisHavranek, Tomas; Rusnak, Marek; Sokolova, Anna
2015 Determinants of banking fee income in the EU banking industry: Does market concentration matter?Růžičková, Karolína; Teplý, Petr
2015 Rockets and feathers meet Joseph: Reinvestigating the oil-gasoline asymmetry on the international marketsKristoufek, Ladislav; Lunackova, Petra
2015 Business cycle synchronization of the Visegrad Four and the European UnionHanus, Lubos; Vacha, Lukas
2015 Two kinds of voting procedures manipulability: Strategic voting and strategic nominationTurnovec, František
2015 Do borders really slash trade? A meta analysisHavránek, Tomáš; Havránková, Zuzana
2015 Foreign exchange interventions at the zero lower bound in the Czech economy: A DSGE approachMalovaná, Simona
2015 The role of covered bonds in explaining house price dynamics in SpainHejlová, Hana
2015 Youth labour flows and exits from unemployment in Great RecessionFlek, Vladislav; Hala, Martin; Mysikova, Martina
2015 The effect of conflict history on cooperation within and between groups: Evidence from a laboratory experimentBeekman, Goone; Cheung, Stephen L.; Levely, Ian
2015 Credit valuation adjustment modelling during a global low interest rate environmentMacek, Petr; Teplý, Petr
2015 Social, demographic and behavioral determinants of alcohol consumptionMikolasek, Jakub
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 251