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2022 Robust portfolio optimization: A stochastic evaluation of worst-case scenariosRotella Junior, Paulo; Souza Rocha, Luiz Célio; Peruchi, Rogério Santana; Aquila, Giancarlo; Janda, Karel; de Oliveira Pamplona, Edson
2022 Parental involvement and education outcomes of their childrenKantova, Klara
2022 Impact of regulatory changes on economic feasibility of distributed generation solar unitsDoile de Doyle, Gabriel Nasser; Rotella Junior, Paulo; Souza Rocha, Luiz Célio; Gonzaga Carneiro, Priscila França; Peruchi, Rogério Santana; Janda, Karel; Aquila, Giancarlo
2021 The elasticity of electricity demand and carbon emissions reductions in the residential sector: Evidence from a tariff shift in RussiaTurdaliev, Salim
2021 Improving the Corruption Perceptions Index: Additional Data Sources and Their EffectsJansky, Petr; Li, Natalia
2021 Electricity Outages and Health Outcomes of Children: Empirical Evidence from Transition EconomySargsyan, Yermone
2021 Estimating Tax Progressivity in Developing Countries: The Plato IndexCobham, Alex; FitzGerald, Edmund; Jansky, Petr
2021 Increasing Block Rate Electricity Pricing and Propensity to Purchase Electric Appliances: Evidence from a Natural ExperimentTurdaliev, Salim
2021 Impact of EU-wide Insurance Stress Tests on Equity Prices and Systemic RiskJakubik, Petr; Teleu, Saida
2021 Inequality in Pre-Industrial Urban Bohemia: The City of BudweisKolar, Daniel
2021 Interest Rate Risk of Savings AccountsWitzany, Jiri; Divis, Martin
2021 Profit Shifting of Multinational Corporations WorldwideGarcia-Bernardo, Javier; Jansky, Petr
2021 Price Level Targeting with Imperfect Rationality: A Heuristic ApproachMolnar, Vojtech
2021 How Much Multinational Corporations Pay in Taxes and Where: Evidence from their Country-by-Country ReportsFaccio, Tommaso; Godar, Sarah; Jansky, Patr; Seabarron, Oliver
2021 Labor Migration in the European Union: The case of Central and Eastern EuropeSchneider, Ondrej
2021 Bank Survival Around the World: A Meta-Analytic ReviewKocenda, Evzen; Iwasaki, Ichiro
2021 Frequency-Dependent Higher Moment RisksBarunik, Jozef; Kurka, Josef
2021 Multi-Horizon Equity Returns Predictability via Machine LearningNechvatalova, Lenka
2021 When Does Monetary Policy Sway House Prices? A Meta-AnalysisBajzik, Josef; Ehrenbergerova, Dominika; Havranek, Tomas
2021 Currency Depreciations in Emerging Economies: A Blessing or a Curse for External Debt Management?Fisera, Boris; Tiruneh, Menbere Workie; Hojdan, David
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 473