IES Working Papers, Institute of Economic Studies (IES), Charles University

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2019 Modeling UK mortgage demand using online searchesPavlicek, Jaroslav; Krištoufek, Ladislav
2018 Finance and wealth inequalityHasan, Iftekhar; Horváth, Roman; Mares, Jan
2018 Photovoltaics and the Slovak electricity marketJanda, Karel; Koscova, Michaela
2018 Smoking Czechs: Modeling tobacco consumption and taxationJanda, Karel; Strobl, Martin
2018 Does monetary policy influence banks' perception of risks?Malovana, Simona; Kolcunova, Dominika; Broz, Vaclav
2018 Underlying motivations for rule-violation among juvenile delinquents: A lab-in-the-field experimentCingl, Lubomir; Korbel, Vaclav
2018 Modelling electric vehicles as an abatement technology in a hybrid CGE modelSchmelzer, Stefan; Miess, Michael; Scasny, Milan; Kopecna, Vedunka
2018 Volatility term structure modeling using Nelson-Siegel modelMalinska, Barbora; Barunik, Jozef
2018 Estimating the revenue costs of tax treaties in developing countriesJansky, Petr
2018 Is Panama really your tax haven? Secrecy jurisdictions and the countries they harmJansky, Petr; Meinzer, Markus; Palansky, Miroslav
2018 Estimating the effective lower bound for the Czech National Bank's policy rateKolcunova, Dominika; Havránek, Tomáš
2018 Cost efficiency of European cooperative banksKuc, Matej
2018 Central bank capital as an instrument of monetary policyHampl, Mojmír; Havránek, Tomáš
2018 How do regional price levels affect income inequality? Household-level evidence from 21 countriesJansky, Petr; Sedivy, Marek
2018 Structural analysis of influences on workplace productivity lossStepanek, Martin; Jahanshahi, Kaveh
2018 Residual shape risk on Czech natural gas marketJanda, Karel; Kourilek, Jakub
2018 Measurement of volatility spillovers and asymmetric connectedness on commodity and equity marketsPalanska, Tereza
2018 The relationship between fuel, biofuel and food prices: Methods and outcomesJanda, Karel; Krištoufek, Ladislav
2018 The predicting power of soft information on defaults in the Chinese P2P lending marketWang, Yao; Drabek, Zdenek; Wang, Zhengwei
2018 Time-frequency response analysis of monetary policy transmissionHanus, Lubos; Vacha, Lukas
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 369