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Bask, Mikael
Madeira, João
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Working Paper, Department of Economics, Uppsala University 2011:12
We outline a dynamic stochastic general equilibrium (DSGE) model with trend extrapo-lation in asset pricing that we fit to quarterly U.S. macroeconomic time series with Baye-sian techniques. To be more precise, we modify the DSGE model in Smets and Wouters (2007) by incorporating asset traders who use a mix of fundamental analysis and trend extrapolation in asset pricing. We conclude that trend extrapolation in asset pricing is quantitatively relevant, statistically significant and results in a substantial improvement of the model's fit to the data. We also find that the strength in trend extrapolation is much stronger during the Great Moderation than it was prior to this period. Moreover, allowing for asset mispricing leads to more pronounced hump-shaped dynamics of the asset price and investment. Thus, asset price misalignments should be an important in-gredient in DSGE models that aim to understand business cycles dynamics in general and the interaction between the real and financial sectors in particular.
Asset Price Bubble
Bayesian Technique
Business Cycle
DSGE Model
Fun-damental Analysis
Trend Extrapolation
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Working Paper

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