Bruegel Working Papers, Bruegel

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2014 The policy dilemma of the unitary patentDanguy, Jérôme; van Pottelsberghe de la Potterie, Bruno
2014 Developing an underlying inflation gauge for ChinaAmstad, Marlene; Huan, Ye; Ma, Guonan
2014 A scaleable approach to emissions-innovation record linkageHuberty, Mark; Serwaah, Amma; Zachmann, Georg
2014 Did the German court do Europe a favour?Mody, Ashoka
2014 Aging and the governance of the healthcare system in JapanMatsuyama, Yukihiro
2014 Does money matter in the Euro Area? Evidence from a new Divisia indexDarvas, Zsolt
2014 Antitrust risk in EU manufacturing: A sector-level rankingMariniello, Mario; Antonielli, Marco
2014 When and how to support renewables? Letting the data speakZachmann, Georg; Serwaah, Amma; Peruzzi, Michele
2014 Bad banks in the EU: The impact of Eurostat rulesGandrud, Christopher; Hallerberg, Mark
2014 The long haul: Debt sustainability analysisDarvas, Zsolt; Hüttl, Pia
2014 Cross-country insurance mechanisms in currency unionsvan Beers, Nancy; Bijlsma, Michiel; Zwart, Gijsbert T. J.
2014 Remerge: Regression-based record linkage with an application to PATSTATPeruzzi, Michele; Zachmann, Georg; Veugelers, Reinhilde
2014 A flexible, scaleable approach to the international patent 'name game'Huberty, Mark; Serwaah, Amma; Zachmann, Georg
2014 Europe between financial repression and regulatory captureMonnet, Éric; Pagliari, Stefano; Vallée, Shahin
2014 Changing trade patterns, unchanging European and global governanceO'Neill, Jim; Terzi, Alessio
2014 Rulemaking in super-RTAs: Implications for China and IndiaKarmakar, Suparna
2014 Financial openness of China and India: Implications for capital account liberalisationMa, Guonan; McCauley, Robert N.
2013 The response speed of the International Monetary FundMody, Ashoka; Saravia, Diego
2013 European antitrust control and standard settingMariniello, Mario
2013 Inflation persistence in Central and Eastern European countriesDarvas, Zsolt; Varga, Balázs
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 41 to 60 of 114