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2023China's quest for innovation: Progress and bottlenecksGarcía Herrero, Alicia; Schindowski, Robin
2023Competition in generative artificial intelligence foundation modelsCarugati, Christophe
2023Antitrust issues raised by answer enginesCarugati, Christophe
2023Employer perspectives on employee work location: Collaboration, culture and controlMulcahy, Diane; Andreeva, Tatiana
2023Section 232 reloaded: The false promise of the transatlantic 'climate club' for steel and aluminiumKleimann, David
2023What should be done about Google's quasi-monopoly in search? Mandatory data sharing versus AI-driven technological competitionMartens, Bertin
2023The hidden inequalities of digitalisation in the post-pandemic contextCodagnone, Cristiano; Savona, Maria
2023European Union debt financing: Leeway and barriers from a legal perspectiveGrund, Sebastian; Steinbach, Armin
2023What would Europeans want a European defence union to look like?Nicoli, Francesco; Burgoon, Brian; Van der Duin, David
2023Globalisation and automation as sources of labour-market competition, and support for European Union unemployment insuranceBurgoon, Brian; Buzzelli, Gregorio; Nicoli, Francesco; Sacchi, Stefano
2023Artificial intelligence adoption in the public sector: A case studyNurski, Laura
2023The Ukrainian war economyBoyarchuk, Dmytro; Dñabrowski, Marek
2023A quantitative evaluation of the European commiccion's fiscal governance proposalDarvas, Zsolt M.; Welslau, Lennard; Zettelmeyer, Jeromin
2023Pro- and anti-competitive provisions in the proposed European Union Data ActMartens, Bertin
2023A new measure of aggregate trade restrictions: Cyclical drivers and macro effectsEstefania-Flores, Julia; Furceri, Davide; Ahmed Hannan, Swarnali; Ostry, Jonathan David; Rose, Andrew
2023Global trends in countries' perceptions of the Belt and Road InitiativeGarcía Herrero, Alicia; Schindowski, Robin
2022The low productivity of European firms: How can policies enhance the allocation of resources?Claeys, Gregory; Le Mouel, Marie; Sgaravatti, Giovanni
2022You'll never talk alone: What media narratives on European reforms reveal about a polity in the makingMourlon-Druol, Emmanuel; Müller, Henrik; Porcaro, Giuseppe; Schmidt, Tobias
2022Is the workforce ready for the jobs of the future? Data-informed skills and training foresightStephany, Fabian; Luckin, Rosemary
2022Measuring the intangible economy to address policy challengesLe Mouel, Marie
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 179