Policy in Focus, International Policy Centre for Inclusive Growth

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2016 Health policy in emerging economies: Innovations and challengesMacLennan, Michael; de Arruda, Pedro Lara; Vaitsman, Jeni
2015 The impact of cash transfers on local economiesMacLennan, Michael; Levy, Stephanie
2015 Social protection, entrepreneurship and labour market activationMacLennan, Michael; Soares, Fábio Veras; Robino, Carolina
2015 Public policies for the strengthening of family farming in the Global SouthMacLennan, Michael; Patriota, Thomas; Pierri, Francesco Maria
2015 Is there a new Brazilian development model?MacLennan, Michael; Barrientos, Armando; Amann, Edmund
2014 Development without deforestationMacLennan, Michael; de Abreu Castro, Carlos Ferreira; Lambais, Guilherme B. R.
2014 Protagonist womenMacLennan, Michael; Sawyer, Diana Oya; Slingsby, Ashleigh Kate
2014 National transfer accounts and generational flowsMacLennan, Michael; Queiroz, Bernardo L.
2014 Youth and employment among the BRICSMacLennan, Michael; Osório, Rafael Guerreiro; de Arruda, Pedro Lara
2013 Recent developments in the role and design of social protection programmes: A policy dialogue, expert workshop and south-south learning eventSoares, Fábio Veras; Lal, Radhika; Higgitt, Ryan
2013 On the middle classMacLennan, Michael; Magalhães, Beatrix Judice
2012 The role of South-South Cooperation in inclusive and sustainable agricultural development: Focus on AfricaPerch, Leisa; Bahalim, Ammad; Cabral, Lidia; Shankland, Alex
2011 Dimensions of inclusive developmentPerch, Leisa; Labbate, Gabriel
2010 Can social protection help promote inclusive growth?Andrade, Melissa; Soares, Fabio Veras; Lal, Radhika; Roy, Rathin
2010 What can IBSA offer to the global community?Andrade, Melissa; Soares, Fabio Veras; Lal, Radhika
2010 The MDGs and beyond: Pro-poor policy in a changing worldSumner, Andy; Melamed, Claire
2010 South-south cooperation: The same old game or a new paradigm?Roy, Rathin; Andrade, Melissa
2009 Equitable access to basic utilities: Public versus private provision and beyondHailu, Degol; Tsukada, Raquel
2009 Indigenising developmentRamos, Alcida Rita; Osorio, Rafael Guerreiro; Pimenta, José
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 19 of 19
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