Diskussionsschriften, Departement Volkswirtschaftslehre, Universität Bern

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2015 Evaluating pay-as-you-go social security systemsBachmann, Andreas; Wüthrich, Kaspar
2015 Semiparametric estimation of quantile treatment effects with endogeneityWüthrich, Kaspar
2015 The influence of noise on net revenue and values of investment properties: Evidence from SwitzerlandFahrländer, Stefan Sebastian; Gerfin, Michael; Lehner, Manuel
2015 Financial incentives and physician prescription behavior: Evidence from dispensing regulationsBurkhard, Daniel; Schmidy, Christian; Wüthrich, Kaspar
2015 Penalty structures and seterrence in a swo-stage model: Experimental evidenceAnderson, Lisa R.; DeAngelo, Gregory; Emons, Winand; Freeborn, Beth; Lang, Hannes
2015 The persistent effects of place-based policy: Evidence from the West-German Zonenrandgebietvon Ehrlich, Maximilian; Seidel, Tobias
2015 Lumpy investment and variable capacity utilization: Firm-level and macroeconomic implicationsBachmann, Andreas
2015 Consumption smoothing at retirement: Average and quantile treatment effects in the regression discontinuity designBurkhard, Daniel
2015 Economic openness and fiscal multipliersRiguzzi, Marco; Wegmüller, Philipp
2015 Allocation of expenditures in elderly households and the cost of widowhoodBurkhard, Daniel
2015 Sharing a river with downstream externalitiesSteinmann, Sarina; Winkler, Ralph
2014 Was Anna Schwartz right? The role of government size and the exchange rate regime for macroeconomic stabilityWegmueller, Philipp
2014 A comparison of two qantile models with endogeneityWüthrich, Kaspar
2014 Optimal leniency programs when firms have cumulative and asymmetric evidenceBlatter, Marc; Emons, Winand; Sticher, Silvio
2014 Which factors drive the skill-mix of migrants in the long-run?Beerli, Andreas; Indergand, Ronald
2014 Utility functions, fiscal shocks and the open economy: In the search of a positive consumption multiplierWegmueller, Philipp
2014 Economic openness and fiscal multipliersRiguzzi, Marco
2014 Optimal selling mechanisms under imperfect commitmentBeccuti, Juan I.
2014 Health care demand in the presence of discrete price changesGerfin, Michael; Kaiser, Boris; Schmid, Christian
2014 Optimal selling mechanisms under imperfect commitment: Extending to the multi-period caseBeccuti, Juan I.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 75