Diskussionsschriften, Departement Volkswirtschaftslehre, Universität Bern

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2014 Optimal selling mechanisms under imperfect commitmentBeccuti, Juan I.
2014 Optimal selling mechanisms under imperfect commitment: Extending to the multi-period caseBeccuti, Juan I.
2014 Economic openness and fiscal multipliersRiguzzi, Marco
2014 Which factors drive the skill-mix of migrants in the long-run?Beerli, Andreas; Indergand, Ronald
2014 Health care demand in the presence of discrete price changesGerfin, Michael; Kaiser, Boris; Schmid, Christian
2014 Utility functions, fiscal shocks and the open economy: In the search of a positive consumption multiplierWegmueller, Philipp
2014 Optimal leniency programs when firms have cumulative and asymmetric evidenceBlatter, Marc; Emons, Winand; Sticher, Silvio
2014 Was Anna Schwartz right? The role of government size and the exchange rate regime for macroeconomic stabilityWegmueller, Philipp
2013 Does physician dispensing increase drug expenditures?Kaiser, Boris; Schmid, Christian
2013 Why plaintiffs' attorneys use contingent and defense attorneys fixed fee contractsEmons, Winand; Fluet, Claude
2013 Decomposing differences in arithmetic means: A doubly-robust estimation approachKaiser, Boris
2013 Evaluating pay-as-you-go social security systemsBachmann, Andreas; Wüthrich, Kaspar
2013 Competitive market segmentationSticher, Silvio
2013 Sudden stop regimes and output: a Markov switching analysisBachmann, Andreas; Leist, Stefan
2013 Identification of supplier-induced demand: What kind of consumer information matters?Schmid, Christian
2013 Detailed decompositions in generalized linear modelsKaiser, Boris
2013 Exclusivity clauses: Enhancing competition, raising pricesBlatter, Marc; Sticher, Silvio
2013 Cooperation preferences and framing effectsDariel, Aurélie
2013 Does full insurance increase the demand for health care?Boes, Stefan; Gerfin, Michael
2013 Selection upon wage postingSticher, Silvio
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 83