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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2018 Dynamic tax externalities and the U.S. fiscal transformation in the 1930sNiepelt, Dirk
2018 Identifying noise shocksBenati, Luca
2018 Does sentiment matter?Benati, Luca
2018 Can news and noise shocks be disentangled?Benati, Luca
2018 Dealers' insurance, market structure, and liquidityCarapella, Francesca; Monnet, Cyril
2018 Money and credit: A long-term viewBenati, Luca
2018 Does personalized information improve health plan choices when individuals are distracted?Kaumann, Cornel; Müller, Tobias; Hefti, Andreas; Boes, Stefan
2018 Reserves for all? Central bank digital currency, deposits, and their (non)-equivalenceNiepelt, Dirk
2018 The risk-taking channel of liquidity regulations and monetary policyImhof, Stephan; Monnet, Cyril; Zhang, Shengxing
2018 Learning from failure in healthcare: Dynamic panel evidence of a physician shock effectVan Gestel, Raf; Müller, Tobias; Bosmans, Johan
2018 Optimal exclusionMonnet, Cyril; Quintin, Erwan
2018 Intangible capital formation, international equity investments, and output synchronizationBaldi, Guido; Bodmer, André
2018 The effectiveness of leniency programs when firms choose the degree of collusionEmons, Winand
2017 Time-varying rational expectations models: Solutions, stability, numerical implementationNeusser, Klaus
2017 On the optimal design of place-based policies: A structural evaluation of EU regional transfersBlouri, Yashar; von Ehrlich, Maximilian
2017 Sovereign bond prices, haircuts and maturityNiepelt, Dirk
2017 What drives money velocity?Benati, Luca
2017 Money velocity and the natural rate of interestBenati, Luca
2017 Could the bubble in U.S. house prices have been detected in real time?Benati, Luca
2017 Cointegration tests and the classical dichotomyBenati, Luca
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 123