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2017Childhood health and educational investment under riskKumra, Neha
2017Pathways from school to work in the developing worldManacorda, Marco; Rosati, Furio Camillo; Ranzani, Marco; Dachille, Giuseppe
2017Psychosocial competencies and risky behaviours in PeruFavara, Marta; Sanchez, Alan
2017Temporary work visas as US-Haiti development cooperation: a preliminary impact evaluationClemens, Michael A.; Postel, Hannah
2016Introducing the Tunisia Labor Market Panel Survey 2014Assaad, Ragui; Ghazouani, Samir; Krafft, Caroline; Rolando, Dominique J.
2016The effect of doubling the minimum wage on employment: Evidence from RussiaMuravyev, Alexander; Oshchepkov, Aleksey
2016The impact of soft skills training on female youth employment: Evidence from a randomized experiment in JordanGroh, Matthew; Krishnan, Nandini; McKenzie, David; Vishwanath, Tara
2016Disability and employment across Central and Eastern European CountriesMussida, Chiara; Sciulli, Dario
2016How Large are Earnings Penalties for Self-Employed and Informal Wage Workers?Gindling, T. H.; Mossaad, Nadwa; Newhouse, David
2016The effects of youth training on risk behavior: the role of non-cognitive skillsCalero, Carla; Rozo, Sandra V.
2016The role of the firm in worker wage dispersion: an analysis of the Ghanaian manufacturing sectorChatterjee, Somdeep
2016Decomposition analysis of earnings inequality in rural India: 2004-2012Khanna, Shantanu; Goel, Deepti; Morissette, René
2016Female labor force participation and child education in India: Evidence from the National Rural Employment Guarantee SchemeAfridi, Farzana; Mukhopadhyay, Abhiroop; Sahoo, Soham
2016Two tales of contraction: gender wage gap in Georgia before and after the 2008 crisisKhitarishvili, Tamar
2016The differential impact of employment in agriculture on wages for rural and non-rural PalestineDaoud, Yousef; Fallah, Belal
2016Decomposing inequality changes in Uruguay: the role of formalization in the labor marketAmarante, Verónica; Arim, Rodrigo; Yapor, Mijail
2016Wage inequality and informality: Evidence from MexicoBinelli, Chiara
2016The demand for, and impact of, youth internships: Evidence from a randomized experiment in YemenMcKenzie, David; Assaf, Nabila; Cusolito, Ana Paula
2016Regional variation of the minimum wages in ChinaXing, Chunbing; Xu, Jianwei
2016Moving out of the bottom of the economy? Constraints to firm transition in the Indian informal manufacturing sectorRaj, Rajesh SN; Sen, Kunal
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 91