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2016 Decomposition analysis of earnings inequality in rural India: 2004-2012Khanna, Shantanu; Goel, Deepti; Morissette, René
2016 The differential impact of employment in agriculture on wages for rural and non-rural PalestineDaoud, Yousef; Fallah, Belal
2016 Are you (not) expecting? The unforeseen benefits of job training on teenage pregnancyNovella, Rafael; Ripani, Laura
2015 Social-family network and self-employment: Evidence from temporary rural-urban migrants in ChinaZhang, Junfu; Zhao, Zhong
2015 Economic development and female labor participation in the Middle East and North Africa: A test of the U-shape hypothesisVerme, Paolo
2015 The effect of children on female labor force participation in urban IranAzimi, Ebrahim
2015 Does the minimum wage reduce wage inequality? Evidence from ThailandLeckcivilize, Attakrit
2015 Impact of minimum wage on gender wage gaps in urban ChinaLi, Shi; Ma, Xinxin
2015 Minimum wage effects on employment and working time of Chinese workers: Evidence based on CHNSSun, Wenkai; Wang, Xianghong; Zhang, Xiaoxi
2015 Minimum wage violations in HondurasHam, Andrés
2015 Informal self-employment in KazakhstanMussurov, Altay; Arabsheibani, G. Reza
2015 Uncovering the impact of intergenerational income mobility on interpersonal trustShaleva, Anna E.
2015 The effects of electrification on employment in rural PeruDasso, Rosamaría; Fernandez, Fernando
2015 Partial minimum wage complianceBhorat, Haroon; Kanbur, Ravi; Stanwix, Benjamin
2015 The impact of minimum wages on informal and formal labor market outcomes: Evidence from IndonesiaHohberg, Maike; Lay, Jann
2015 Under-provision of private training by MENA firms: What to Do about It?Liaqat, Zara; Nugent, Jeffrey B.
2015 Integrating mobile phone technologies into labor-market intermediation: A multi-treatment experimental designDammert, Ana C.; Galdón-Sánchez, José Enrique; Galdo, Virgilio
2015 Investing in formal on-the-job training: Are SMEs lagging much behind?Almeida, Rita K.; Aterido, Reyes
2015 Court-ship, kinship and business: A study on the interaction between the formal and the informal institutions and its effect on entrepreneurshipChakraborty, Tanika; Mukherjee, Anirban; Saha, Sarani
2015 Bound to lose, bound to win? The financial crisis and the informal-formal sector earnings gap in SerbiaBlunch, Niels-Hugo
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 91