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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2017 Medium- and long-term consequences of pollution on labor supply: Evidence from IndonesiaKim, Younoh; Manley, James; Radoias, Vlad
2016 Informal unemployment and educationKolm, Ann-Sofie; Larsen, Birthe
2016 The impact of Craigslist's entry on competing employment websitesBrenčič, Vera
2016 The effect of age at school entry on college admission and earnings: A regression-discontinuity approachMatta, Rafael; Ribas, Rafael P.; Sampaio, Breno; Sampaio, Gustavo R.
2016 What happens when the definition of disability changes? The case of obesityShinall, Jennifer Bennett
2016 Prospects for utilisation of non-vacancy Internet data in labour market analysis: An overviewLenaerts, Karolien; Beblavý, Miroslav; Fabo, Brian
2016 Multiple job holding, local labor markets, and the business cycleHirsch, Barry T.; Husain, Muhammad M.; Winters, John V.
2016 Self-employment in an equilibrium model of the labor marketBradley, Jake
2016 Local labor markets and taste-based discriminationBerson, Clémence
2016 Composite indicators of labour market regulations in a comparative perspectiveAleksynska, Mariya; Cazes, Sandrine
2016 Own-wage labor supply elasticities: Variation across time and estimation methodsBargain, Olivier; Peichl, Andreas
2015 College major peer effects and attrition from the sciencesLuppino, Marc; Sander, Richard
2015 The price of fringe benefits when formal and informal labor markets coexistArgente, David; García, Jorge
2015 Matching strategies of teachers and schools in general equilibriumAhn, Tom
2015 The importance of frequency in estimating labour market transition ratesGomes, Pedro
2015 How do teachers respond to tenure?Jones, Michael D.
2015 Testing the importance of search frictions and matching through a randomized experiment in JordanGroh, Matthew; McKenzie, David; Shammout, Nour; Vishwanath, Tara
2015 The causal effect of the great recession on childlessness of white American womenComolli, Chiara Ludovica; Bernardi, Fabrizio
2015 Differential effects of graduating during a recession across gender and raceKondo, Ayako
2015 On the robustness of minimum wage effects: Geographically-disparate trends and job growth equationsAddison, John T.; Blackburn, McKinley L.; Cotti, Chad D.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 84