IZA Journal of Labor Economics

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2013 The impact of parental income and education on the schooling of their childrenChevalier, Arnaud; Harmon, Colm; O' Sullivan, Vincent; Walker, Ian
2013 The plant life-cycle of the average wage of employees in US manufacturingDinlersoz, Emin; Hyatt, Henry R.; Nguyen, Sang V.
2013 The recent decline in employment dynamicsHyatt, Henry R.; Spletzer, James R.
2013 Do public employment and training programs work?Heinrich, Carolyn J.; Mueser, Peter R.; Troske, Kenneth R.; Jeon, Kyung-seong; Kahvecioglu, Daver C.
2013 The role of location in evaluating racial wage disparityBlack, Dan A.; Kolesnikova, Natalia; Sander, Seth G.; Taylor, Lowell J.
2013 The labour supply effects of a partial cash-out of in-kind transfers to single mothersBingley, Paul; Walker, Ian
2013 Hiring discrimination based on national origin and religious closeness: Results from a field experiment in the Paris areaPierné, Guillaume
2013 The consequences of measurement error when estimating the impact of obesity on incomeO'Neill, Donal; Sweetman, Olive
2012 Persistent inter-industry wage differences: Rent sharing and opportunity costsAbowd, John M.; Kramarz, Francis; Lengermann, Paul Lengermann; McKinney, Kevin L.; Roux, Sébastien
2012 What happens after enrollment? An analysis of the time path of racial differences in GPA and major choiceArcidiacono, Peter; Aucejo, Esteban M.; Spenner, Ken
2012 Fat spouses and hours of work: Are body and Pareto weights correlated?Oreffice, Sonia; Quintana-Domeque, Climent
2012 The use of cognitive ability measures as explanatory variables in regression analysisJunker, Brian; Steuerle Schofield, Lynne; Taylor, Lowell J. Taylor
2012 Tall or taller, pretty or prettier: Is discrimination absolute or relative?Hamermesh, Daniel S.
2012 Editorial: IZA Journal of Labor EconomicsCahuc, Pierre; Hotz, V. Joseph; Gielen, Anne C.; Zimmermann, Klaus F.
2012 Personality and marital surplusLundberg, Shelly
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 15 of 15