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2018 The evolution of the gender test score gap through seventh grade: New insights from Australia using unconditional quantile regression and decompositionLe, Huong Thu; Nguyen, Ha Trong
2018 Feeling useless: The effect of unemployment on mental health in the Great RecessionFarré, Lídia; Fasani, Francesco; Hannes, Mueller
2018 Headscarf and job recruitment-lifting the veil of labour market discriminationLeckcivilize, Attakrit; Straub, Alexander
2018 The role of employment interruptions and part-time work for the rise in wage inequalityBiewen, Martin; Fitzenberger, Bernd; de Lazzer, Jakob
2018 Failing to notice? Uneven teachers' attention to boys and girls in the classroomBassi, Marina; Díaz, Mercedes Mateo; Blumberg, Rae Lesser; Reynoso, Ana
2018 Health shocks and child time allocation decisions by households: Evidence from EthiopiaDinku, Yonatan; Fielding, David; Genç, Murat
2018 Okun coefficients and participation coefficients by age and genderEvans, Andrew
2018 Too polluted to work? The gendered correlates of air pollution on hours workedMontt, Guillermo
2018 Deserving poor and the desirability of a minimum wageBlumkin, Tomer; Danziger, Leif
2018 Does education raise productivity and wages equally? The moderating role of age and genderKampelmann, Stephan; Rycx, François; Saks, Yves; Tojerow, Ilan
2018 Labour market effects of job displacement for prime-age and older workersDeelen, Anja; de Graaf-Zijl, Marloes; van den Berge, Wiljan
2017 Marriage markets as explanation for why heavier people work more hoursGrossbard, Shoshana; Mukhopadhyay, Sankar
2017 Training and minimum wages: First evidence from the introduction of the minimum wage in GermanyBellmann, Lutz; Bossler, Mario; Gerner, Hans-Dieter; Hübler, Olaf
2017 The time-varying role of the family in student time use and achievementHull, Marie C.
2017 Industry shutdown rates and permanent layoffs: Evidence from firm-worker matched dataHuynh, Kim P.; Ostrovsky, Yuri; Petrunia, Robert J.; Voia, Marcel C.
2017 Job loss and the mental health of spouses and adolescent childrenBubonya, Melisa; Cobb-Clark, Deborah A.; Wooden, Mark
2017 The career prospects of overeducated AmericansClark, Brian; Joubert, Clément; Maurel, Arnaud
2017 A new measure of skill mismatch: Theory and evidence from PIAACPellizzari, Michele; Fichen, Anne
2017 Interaction effects of region-level GDP per capita and age on labour market transition rates in ItalyZanin, Luca; Calabrese, Raffaella
2017 Field-of-study mismatch and overqualification: Labour market correlates and their wage penaltyMontt, Guillermo
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 84