IZA Journal of Labor Economics

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2016 The impact of Craigslist's entry on competing employment websitesBrenčič, Vera
2016 Multiple job holding, local labor markets, and the business cycleHirsch, Barry T.; Husain, Muhammad M.; Winters, John V.
2016 Self-employment in an equilibrium model of the labor marketBradley, Jake
2016 Local labor markets and taste-based discriminationBerson, Clémence
2016 Composite indicators of labour market regulations in a comparative perspectiveAleksynska, Mariya; Cazes, Sandrine
2016 Prospects for utilisation of non-vacancy Internet data in labour market analysis: An overviewLenaerts, Karolien; Beblavý, Miroslav; Fabo, Brian
2016 What happens when the definition of disability changes? The case of obesityShinall, Jennifer Bennett
2016 Informal unemployment and educationKolm, Ann-Sofie; Larsen, Birthe
2016 The effect of age at school entry on college admission and earnings: A regression-discontinuity approachMatta, Rafael; Ribas, Rafael P.; Sampaio, Breno; Sampaio, Gustavo R.
2015 Active labor market programs: Employment gain or fiscal drain?Brown, Alessio J. G.; Koettl, Johannes
2015 Evaluating search and matching models using experimental dataLise, Jeremy; Seitz, Shannon; Smith, Jeffrey
2015 Youth unemployment and personality traitsMendolia, Silvia; Walker, Ian
2015 Trade union membership and paid vacation in GermanyGoerke, Laszlo; Jeworrek, Sabrina; Pannenberg, Markus
2015 Task implementation heterogeneity and wage dispersionVisintin, Stefano; Tijdens, Kea; Steinmetz, Stephanie; de Pedraza, Pablo
2015 Using online vacancies and web surveys to analyse the labour market: A methodological inquiryKureková, Lucia Mýtna; Beblavý, Miroslav; Thum-Thysen, Anna
2015 The effect of Georgia's HOPE scholarship on college major: A focus on STEMSjoquist, David L.; Winters, John V.
2015 Female labour market outcomes and the impact of maternity leave policiesLow, Hamish; Sánchez-Marcos, Virginia
2015 Are public sector workers different? Cross-European evidence from elderly workers and retireesTonin, Mirco; Vlassopoulos, Michael
2015 Occupational gender segregation in an equilibrium search modelUsui, Emiko
2015 Matching strategies of teachers and schools in general equilibriumAhn, Tom
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 62