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2018 Too polluted to work? The gendered correlates of air pollution on hours workedMontt, Guillermo
2018 Headscarf and job recruitment-lifting the veil of labour market discriminationLeckcivilize, Attakrit; Straub, Alexander
2018 Labour market effects of job displacement for prime-age and older workersDeelen, Anja; de Graaf-Zijl, Marloes; van den Berge, Wiljan
2018 The role of employment interruptions and part-time work for the rise in wage inequalityBiewen, Martin; Fitzenberger, Bernd; de Lazzer, Jakob
2018 The evolution of the gender test score gap through seventh grade: New insights from Australia using unconditional quantile regression and decompositionLe, Huong Thu; Nguyen, Ha Trong
2018 Failing to notice? Uneven teachers' attention to boys and girls in the classroomBassi, Marina; Díaz, Mercedes Mateo; Blumberg, Rae Lesser; Reynoso, Ana
2018 Does education raise productivity and wages equally? The moderating role of age and genderKampelmann, Stephan; Rycx, François; Saks, Yves; Tojerow, Ilan
2018 Health shocks and child time allocation decisions by households: Evidence from EthiopiaDinku, Yonatan; Fielding, David; Genç, Murat
2018 Okun coefficients and participation coefficients by age and genderEvans, Andrew
2018 Feeling useless: The effect of unemployment on mental health in the Great RecessionFarré, Lídia; Fasani, Francesco; Hannes, Mueller
2018 Deserving poor and the desirability of a minimum wageBlumkin, Tomer; Danziger, Leif
2017 The time-varying role of the family in student time use and achievementHull, Marie C.
2017 Training and minimum wages: First evidence from the introduction of the minimum wage in GermanyBellmann, Lutz; Bossler, Mario; Gerner, Hans-Dieter; Hübler, Olaf
2017 The career prospects of overeducated AmericansClark, Brian; Joubert, Clément; Maurel, Arnaud
2017 Interaction effects of region-level GDP per capita and age on labour market transition rates in ItalyZanin, Luca; Calabrese, Raffaella
2017 A new measure of skill mismatch: Theory and evidence from PIAACPellizzari, Michele; Fichen, Anne
2017 Marriage markets as explanation for why heavier people work more hoursGrossbard, Shoshana; Mukhopadhyay, Sankar
2017 Field-of-study mismatch and overqualification: Labour market correlates and their wage penaltyMontt, Guillermo
2017 Medium- and long-term consequences of pollution on labor supply: Evidence from IndonesiaKim, Younoh; Manley, James; Radoias, Vlad
2017 Job loss and the mental health of spouses and adolescent childrenBubonya, Melisa; Cobb-Clark, Deborah A.; Wooden, Mark
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 84