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Lieuw-Kie-Song, Maikel
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Working Paper, International Policy Centre for Inclusive Growth 84
[Introduction ...] This paper aims to draw out useful lessons from PSNP’s policy framework and design, but not to evaluate them. While it refers to some evaluations of PSNP, the main interest in this regard is to understand how these evaluations have influenced policy and design changes to the programme. The paper recognises that there are significant challenges to the implementation of PSNP, and that many of the operational challenges cannot be divorced from the programme’s policy context and design choices. Because of the limited scope of this study, however, many of these questions cannot be explored further. The next section of the paper discusses the integration of public works and transfers in PSNP. The third section introduces decent work as defined by the International Labour Office (ILO) and explores some of the challenges and lessons learned from putting the decent work agenda into practice in the context of the PSNP The fourth section focuses on the importance of and mechanisms for social dialogue in PSNP and their implications for the conventional approach to this. The fifth section addresses the approaches to and challenges of graduation from PSNP. The final sections provide some lessons, conclusions and recommendations for further work.
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Working Paper

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