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2019 A universal child grant in Brazil: What must we do, and what can we expect from it?Soares, Sergei; Ansiliero, Graziela; Amaral, Aline Diniz; de Souza, Pedro H. G. Ferreira; Paiva, Luis Henrique
2019 Perspectives on tax reform in BrazilMorgan, Marc
2019 How can cash transfer programmes work for women and children? A review of gender- and child-sensitive design featuresEsser, Anne; Bilo, Charlotte; Tebaldi, Raquel
2019 Tax reform in Brazil: Guiding principles and proposals under debateOrair, Rodrigo Octávio; Gobetti, Sérgio Wulff
2019 Fiscal justice in Brazil: Pathways to progressPassos, Luana; Guedes, Dyeggo Rocha; Silveira, Fernando Gaiger
2018 Public food procurement from smallholder farmers: Literature review and best practicesMiranda, Ana
2018 Income inequality, growth and elite taxation in Brazil: New evidence combining survey and fiscal data, 2001-2015Morgan, Marc
2018 Tax on large fortunes: The recent international debate and the situation in Brazilde Carvalho Junior, Pedro Humberto Bruno; Passos, Luana
2018 PAA Africa's contributions to the consolidation of PRONAE in MozambiqueMilhorance de Castro, Carolina
2018 Mozambique's social protection system: An overview of the Basic Social Subsidy Programme (PSSB), the Direct Social Action Programme (PASD), the Productive Social Action Programme (PASP) and the Social Assistance Services (PAUS)de Arruda, Pedro Lara
2018 The role of zakat in the provision of social protection: A comparison between Jordan, Palestine and SudanMachado, Anna Carolina; Bilo, Charlotte; Helmy, Imane
2018 From income poverty to multidimensional poverty: An international comparisonBurchi, Francesco; Rippin, Nicole; Montenegro, Claudio
2018 Aligning policy and legal frameworks for supporting smallholder farming through public food procurement: The case of home-grown school feeding programmesSwensson, Luana F. Joppert
2018 Integration of administrative records for social protection policies: Contributions from the Brazilian experienceBartholo, Letícia; Mostafa, Joana; Osorio, Rafael Guerreiro
2018 The distributive impact of income taxes in BrazilFernandes, Rodrigo Cardoso; Diniz, Bernardo P. Campolina; Silveira, Fernando Gaiger
2018 Zimbabwe's social protection system and its harmonized social cash transfer programmede Arruda, Pedro Lara
2018 A brief history of Malawi's: Social Cash Transfer Programme (SCTP)de Arruda, Pedro Lara
2017 Human development and land tenure in BrazilValadares, Alexandre Arbex; da Silveira, Fernando Gaiger; de Pirani, Nikolas Camargo
2017 Brazilian fiscal policy in perspective: From expansion to austerityOrair, Rodrigo Octávio; Gobetti, Sérgio Wulff
2017 Fostering food purchase programmes in widespread poverty contexts: Targeting smallholders within the PAA Africa Programme in Nigerde Miranda, Rosana Pereira; Diop, Amadou; Klug, Israel
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 139