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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2011Snakes and ladders, buffers and passports: Rethinking poverty, vulnerability and wellbeingSumner, Andy; Mallett, Rich
2011Mitigation of what and by what? Adaptation by whom and for whom? Dilemmas in delivering for the poor and the vulnerable in international climate policyPerch, Leisa
2011Where biodiversity, traditional knowledge, health and livelihoods meet: Institutional pillars for the productive inclusion of local communities (Brazil case study)Lal, Radhika; Sorte Junior, Waldemiro Francisco
2011Bolsa família and the citizen's basic income: A misstep?Britto, Tatiana; Soares, Fábio Veras
2011Assessment of the implications of the Bolsa Família Programme for the Decent Work AgendaMachado, Ana Flavia; Fontes, Gustavo Geaquinto; Antigo, Mariangela Furlan; Gonzalez, Roberto Henrique Sieczkowski; Soares, Fábio Veras
2011Public support to food security in India, Brazil and South Africa: Elements for a policy dialogueSouza, Darana; Chmielewska, Danuta
2011Externality and behavioural change effects of a non-randomised CCT programme: Heterogeneous impact on the demand for health and educationTeixeira, Clarissa Gondim; Soares, Fabio Veras; Ribas, Rafael Perez; Silva, Elydia; Hirata, Guilherme Issamu
2011Integrating public works and cash transfers in Ethiopia: Implications for social protection, employment and decent workLieuw-Kie-Song, Maikel
2011Achieving the Millennium Development Goals: A measure of progressHailu, Degol; Tsukada, Raquel