EPRI Working Paper Series, University of Western Ontario

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2015The interactive evolution of economic ideas and experience: The case of Canadian inflation targetingLaidler, David
2015Retail price differences across U.S. and Canadian cities during the interwar periodHajzler, Chris; MacGee, James
2015A CGE framework for modelling the economics of flooding and recovery in a major urban areaGertz, Aaron B.; Davies, James
2014Existence of monotone equilibria in first-price auctions with resaleZheng, Charles Z.
2013Central bank laws and monetary policy outcomes: A three decade perspectiveParkin, Michael
2013Reassessing the thesis of the monetary historyLaidler, David
2013The effects of central bank independence and inflation targeting on macroeconomic performance: Evidence from natural experimentsParkin, Michael
2013Three revolutions in macroeconomics: Their nature and influenceLaidler, David
2013The Fisher Relation in the Great Depression and the Great RecessionLaidler, David
2012Two crises, two ideas and one questionLaidler, David
2012Do low interest rates sow the seeds of financial crises?Cociuba, Simona E.; Shukayev, Malik; Ueberfeldt, Alexander
2012Re-examining the role of sticky wages in the U.S. Great Contraction: A multi-sector approachAmaral, Pedro S.; MacGee, James C.
2012Milton Friedman's contributions to macroeconomics and teir InfluenceLaidler, David
2012The possibilities for global inequality and poverty reduction using revenues from global carbon pricingDavies, James B.; Shi, Xiaojun; Whalley, John
2012The role of production sharing and trade in the transmission of the great recessionWibe, Jacob
2012Today's standards and yesterday's economics - two short occasional essays: Eliminating history from economic thought and Mark Blaug on the quantity theoryLaidler, David
2011Costly contracts and consumer creditLivshits, Igor; MacGee, James; Tertilt, Michèle
2011The impact of climate change and climate policy on the Canadian economyDavies, Jim; MacGee, Jim; Wibe, Jacob
2011Post-secondary attendance by parental income in the U.S. and Canada: What role for financial aid policy?Belley, Philippe; Frenette, Marc; Lochner, Lance
2010Private pensions, retirement wealth and lifetime earningsMacGee, James; Zhou, Jie
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 21