International Transport Forum Discussion Papers

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2017 Economic benefits of improved accessibility to transport systems and the role of transport in fostering tourism for allRebstock, Markus
2017 Towards a framework for identifying and measuring the benefits of accessibilityFedering, Daphne; Lewis, David
2017 The economics of enhancing accessibility estimating the benefits and costs of participationBurdett, Bridget R. D.; Locke, Stuart M.; Scrimgeour, Frank G.
2017 The benefits of improving access to the United Kingdom rail network via the Access For All programmeDuckenfield, Tony
2017 Assessing regulatory changes in the transport sector: An introductionCasullo, Lorenzo; Zhivov, Nathan
2016 National issues in the USA in economic development, mobility and income inequalityPisarski, Alan E.
2016 Perspectives for integrating housing location considerations and transport planning as a means to face social exclusion in Indian citiesTiwari, Geetam
2016 How equitable is access to opportunities and basic services considering the impact of the level of service? The case of Santiago, ChileTiznado-Aitken, Ignacio; Muñoz, Juan Carlos; Hurtubia, Ricardo
2016 Balancing financial sustainability and affordability in public transport: The case of Bogota, ColombiaHernández, Camila Rodríguez; Peralta-Quiros, Tatiana
2016 The regulatory asset base and project finance models: An analysis of incentives for efficiencyMakovšek, Dejan; Veryard, Daniel
2016 Estimating wider economic impacts in transport project prioritisation using ex-post analysisWeisbrod, Glen
2016 High speed rail competition in Italy: A major railway reform with a "win-win game"?Desmaris, Christian
2016 Forecasting travel time reliability in road transport: A new model for the NetherlandsKouwenhoven, Marco; Warffemius, Pim
2016 Incorporating wider economic impacts within cost-benefit appraisalVenables, Anthony
2016 Travel behaviour response to major transport system disruptions: Implications for smarter resilience planningMarsden, Greg; Anable, Jillian; Shires, Jeremy; Docherty, Iain
2016 Private sector participation in infrastructure: Can the price of risk transfer be efficient?Makovšek, Dejan; Moszoro, Marian
2016 Competitive tendering in local and regional public transport in the Netherlandsvan de Velde, Didier M.; Savelberg, Fons
2016 The valuation of travel time variabilityFosgerau, Mogens
2016 The efficiency impact of open access competition in rail markets: The case of domestic passenger services in EuropeCasullo, Lorenzo
2016 Deregulation, franchising, outsourcing and corporatisation in local public transport: International experienceCurrie, Graham
Publikationen (sortiert nach Titel in absteigender Richtung): 1 bis 20 von 161