OECD/ITF Joint Transport Research Centre Discussion Papers

ISSN: 2070-8270

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2010Transport regulation from theory to practice: General observations and a case studyPonti, Marco
2010The practice of cost-benefit analysis in transport: The case of FranceQuinet, Emile
2010What sustainable road transport future? Trends and policy optionsProost, Stef; Van Dender, Kurt
2010Implementing congestion charging: Summary and conclusionsOECD; International Transport Forum
2010Les perspectives du transport interurbain de personnes: Rapprocher les citoyens - 18ème Symposium International sur l'Économie des Transports et la PolitiqueOECD / International Transport Forum (Paris)
2010Effective regulatory institutions: The regulator's role in the policy process, including issues of regulatory independenceWinsor, Tom
2010The practice of cost benefit analysis in the transport sector: A Mexican perspectiveRamírez Soberanis, Vladimir
2010Revisiting the cost of the Stockholm congestion charging systemHamilton, Carl
2010De la théorie à la pratique de la réglementation des transports: Généralités et étude de casPonti, Marco
2010Electric vehicles: A tentative economic and environmental evaluationPrud'homme, Rémy
2010La pratique de l'analyse coût-bénéfice dans les transports: Le cas de la FranceQuinet, Emile
2010The demand for and the supply of fuel efficiency in models of industrial organisationVan Biesebroeck, Johannes
2010So you're considering introducing congestion charging? Here's what you need to knowEliasson, Jonas
2010Stimulating low-carbon vehicle technologies: Summary and coclusionsOECD; International Transport Forum
2010Perspectives des transports 2010: Le potentiel de l'innovationOECD / International Transport Forum (Paris)
2010Cost-benefit analysis in transport - a UK perspectiveMackie, Peter
2010Road pricing with complicationsFosgerau, Mogens; Van Dender, Kurt
2010La pratique de l'analyse coût-avantages dans le secteur des transports: Une perspective mexicaineRamírez Soberanis, Vladimir
2010Why the market for new passenger cars generally undervalues fuel economyGreene, David
2010The impact of economic instruments on the auto industry and the consequences of fragmenting markets: Focus on the EU caseBastard, Luc
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 75