OECD/ITF Joint Transport Research Centre Discussion Papers

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2010 Innovation in truck technologiesChristensen, Jorgen; Glaeser, Klaus Peter; Shelton, Terry; Moore, Barry; Aarts, Loes
2010 Implementing congestion charging: Summary and conclusionsOECD; International Transport Forum
2010 Electric vehicles: A tentative economic and environmental evaluationPrud'homme, Rémy
2010 La pratique de l'analyse coût-avantages dans le secteur des transports: Une perspective mexicaineRamírez Soberanis, Vladimir
2010 Effective regulatory institutions for air transport: A European perspectiveNiemeier, Hans-Martin
2010 Effective regulatory institutions: The regulator's role in the policy process, including issues of regulatory independenceWinsor, Tom
2010 Les perspectives du transport interurbain de personnes: Rapprocher les citoyens - 18ème Symposium International sur l'Économie des Transports et la PolitiqueOECD / International Transport Forum (Paris)
2010 So you're considering introducing congestion charging? Here's what you need to knowEliasson, Jonas
2010 Des autorités de régulation efficaces: Leur rôle dans le processus politique et la question de leur indépendanceWinsor, Tom
2010 Analyse coûtsMackie, Peter
2010 The practice of cost-benefit analysis in transport: The case of FranceQuinet, Emile
2010 Transport outlook 2010: The potential for innovationOECD; International Transport Forum
2010 The impact of economic instruments on the auto industry and the consequences of fragmenting markets: Focus on the EU caseBastard, Luc
2010 What sustainable road transport future? Trends and policy optionsProost, Stef; Van Dender, Kurt
2010 Critical success factors for implementing road charging systemsOehry, Bernhard
2010 Perspectives des transports 2010: Le potentiel de l'innovationOECD / International Transport Forum (Paris)
2010 La pratique de l'analyse coût-bénéfice dans les transports: Le cas de la FranceQuinet, Emile
2010 De la théorie à la pratique de la réglementation des transports: Généralités et étude de casPonti, Marco
2010 The future of interurban passenger transport - bringing citizens closer together: Symposium summary and conclusions. 18th International Symposium on Transport Economics and Policy, Madrid, Spain, 16-18 November 2009OECD; International Transport Forum
2010 The practice of cost benefit analysis in the transport sector: A Mexican perspectiveRamírez Soberanis, Vladimir
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 75