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2018The consumption-investment decision of a prospect theory household: A two-period model with an endogenous second period reference levelHlouskova, Jaroslava; Fortin, Ines; Tsigaris, Panagiotis
2018Risk, time pressure, and selection effectsKocher, Martin; Schindler, David; Trautmann, Stefan T.; Xu, Yilong
2018Does having insurance change individuals' self-confidence?Guber, Raphael; Kocher, Martin G.; Winter, Joachim
2018Population aging and cross-country redistribution in integrated capital marketsDavoine, Thomas
2018How do automation and offshorability influence unemployment duration and subsequent job quality?Schmidpeter, Bernhard; Winter-Ebmer, Rudolf
2018On using predictive-ability tests in the selection of time-series prediction models: A Monte Carlo evaluationCostantini, Mauro; Kunst, Robert M.
2018More opportunity, more cooperation? The behavioral effects of birthright citizenship on immigrant youthFelfe, Christina; Kocher, Martin; Rainer, Helmut; Saurer, Judith; Siedler, Thomas
2018Adaptive Bayesian estimation of mixed discrete-continuous distributions under smoothness and sparsityNorets, Andriy; Pelenis, Justinas
2017Non-discriminatory trade policies in structural gravity models: Evidence from Monte Carlo simulationsSellner, Richard
2017Linear time iterationRendahl, Pontus
2017The role of initial shares in multi-period production economies with incomplete marketsDierker, Egbert
2017Cross-country fiscal policy spillovers and capital-skill complementarity in currency unionsDavione, Thomas; Molnar, Matthias
2017Disentangling occupation- and sector-specific technological changeBárány, Zsófia L.; Siegel, Christian
2017Agency costs and the monetary transmission mechanismReiter, Michael; Sveen, Tommy; Weinke, Lutz
2017Grandmothers' labor supplyFrimmel, Wolfgang; Halla, Martin; Schmidpeter, Bernhard; Winter-Ebmer, Rudolf
2017The asymptotic validity of "standard" fully modified OLS estimation and inference in cointegrating polynomial regressionsStypka, Oliver; Wagner, Martin; Grabarczyk, Peter; Kawka, Rafael
2017Multi-lateral strategic bargaining without stationarityAlós-Ferrer, Carlos; Ritzberger, Klaus
2017Exchange rate forecasting and the performance of currency portfoliosCrespo Cuaresma, Jesus; Fortin, Ines; Hlouskova, Jaroslava
2017Voluntary bankruptcy as preemptive persuasionDinev, Nikolay
2016Competitive equilibrium and trading networks: A network flow approachCandogan, Ozan; Epitropou, Markos; Vohra, Rakesh V.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 344