Reihe Ökonomie / Economics Series, Institut für Höhere Studien (IHS)

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2017 Cross-country fiscal policy spillovers and capital-skill complementarity in currency unionsDavione, Thomas; Molnar, Matthias
2017 The role of initial shares in multi-period production economies with incomplete marketsDierker, Egbert
2017 Agency costs and the monetary transmission mechanismReiter, Michael; Sveen, Tommy; Weinke, Lutz
2017 Exchange rate forecasting and the performance of currency portfoliosCrespo Cuaresma, Jesus; Fortin, Ines; Hlouskova, Jaroslava
2016 Analysing plant closure effects using time-varying mixture-of-experts Markov chain clusteringFrühwirth-Schnatter, Sylvia; Pittner, Stefan; Weber, Andrea; Winter-Ebmer, Rudolf
2016 The consumption-investment decision of a prospect theory household: A two-period modelFortin, Ines; Hlouskova, Jaroslava; Tsigaris, Panagiotis
2016 An exploratory analysis on the risk to be offended on the internetKirchner, Susanne; Sögner, Leopold
2016 Competitive equilibrium and trading networks: A network flow approachCandogan, Ozan; Epitropou, Markos; Vohra, Rakesh V.
2016 Fertility, longevity, and capital flowsBárány, Zsófia; Coeurdacier, Nicolas; Guibaud, Stéphane
2015 Are competitors forward looking in strategic interactions? Evidence from the fieldLackner, Mario; Stracke, Rudi; Sunde, Uwe; Winter-Ebmer, Rudolf
2015 The structure of labor market flowsPapp, Tamás K.
2015 Solving OLG models with many cohorts, asset choice and large shocksReiter, Michael
2015 Insolvency after the 2005 bankruptcy reformAlbanesi, Stefania; Nosal, Jaromir
2015 "Lucas" in the laboratoryAsparouhova, Elena; Bossaerts, Peter; Roy, Nilanjan; Zame, William
2015 A theoretical rationale for flexicurity policies based on educationDavoine, Thomas
2015 Quit turnover and the business cycle: A surveyCarrillo-Tudela, Carlos; Coles, Melvyn
2015 Dynamic mechanisms without moneyGuo, Yingni; Hörner, Johannes
2015 GMM estimation of affine term structure modelsHlouskova, Jaroslava; Sögner, Leopold
2015 A case for incomplete marketsBlume, Lawrence E.; Cogley, Timothy; Easley, David A.; Sargent, Thomas J.; Tsyrennikov, Viktor
2015 Oligopolistic equilibrium and financial constraintsBeviá, Carmen; Corchón, Luis C.; Yasuda, Yosuke
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 329