Bank of Canada Staff Discussion Papers

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2019 Global commodity markets and rebalancing in China: The case of copperBailliu, Jeannine N.; Bilgin, Doga; Mo, Kun; Niquidet, Kurt; Sawatzky, Benjamin
2019 Financial distress and hedging: Evidence from Canadian oil firmsMo, Kun; Suvankulov, Farrukh; Griffiths, Sophie
2019 Non-bank financial intermediation in Canada: An updateBédard-Pagé, Guillaume
2018 Government of Canada securities in the cash, repo and securities lending marketsBulusu, Narayan; Gungor, Sermin
2018 Crypto "money": Perspective of a couple of Canadian central bankersChapman, James; Wilkins, Carolyn A.
2018 Is a cashless society problematic?Engert, Walter; Fung, Ben Siu-Cheong; Hendry, Scott
2018 Assessing the impact of demand shocks on the US term premiumBarnett, Russell; Zmitrowicz, Konrad
2018 2017 Methods-of-Payment survey reportHenry, Christopher S.; Huynh, Kim P.; Welte, Angelika
2018 A primer on the Canadian bankers' acceptance marketMcRae, Kaetlynd; Auger, Danny
2018 Nowcasting Canadian economic activity in an uncertain environmentChernis, Tony; Sekkel, Rodrigo
2018 Alternative futures for government of Canada debt managementGarriott, Corey; Lefebvre, Sophie; Nolin, Guillaume; Rivadeneyra, Francisco; Walton, Adrian
2018 Government of Canada fixed-income market ecologyBerger-Soucy, Léanne; Garriott, Corey; Usche, André
2018 Assessing vulnerabilities in emerging-market economiesDalhaus, Tatjana; Lam, Alexander
2018 A policy framework for e-money: A report on Bank of Canada ResearchDavoodalhosseini, Mohammad; Rivadeneyra, Francisco
2018 A calibrated model of intraday settlementPerez-Saiz, Hector; Untawala, Siddharth; Xerri, Gabriel
2018 Canada's experience with trade policyCharbonneau, Karyne; De Munnik, Daniel; Murphy, Laura
2018 Prudential liquidity regulation in banking: A literature reviewMordel, Adi
2018 Tail risk in a retail payment system: An extreme-value approachPerez-Saiz, Hector; Williams, Blair; Xerri, Gabriel
2018 Credibility, flexibility and renewal: The evolution of inflation targeting in CanadaCarter, Thomas J.; Mendes, Rhys R.; Schembri, Lawrence
2018 The size and destination of China's portfolio outflowsCunningham, Rose M.; Hatzvi, Eden; Mo, Kun
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 157