Bank of Canada Staff Discussion Papers

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2020 Scenario analysis and the economic and financial risks from climate changeEns, Erik; Johnston, Craig
2020 Canadian financial stress and macroeconomic conditionsDuprey, Thibaut
2020 Is central bank currency fundamental to the monetary system?Armelius, Hanna; Claussen, Carl Andreas; Hendry, Scott
2020 The market for acquiring card payments from small and medium-sized Canadian merchantsWelte, Angelika; Molnar, Jozsef
2020 Cash and COVID-19: The impact of the pandemic on the demand for and use of cashChen, Heng; Engert, Walter; Huynh, Kim; Nicholls, Gradon; Nicholson, Mitchell; Zhu, Julia
2020 The power of helicopter money revisited: A new Keynesian perspectiveCarter, Thomas J.; Mendes, Rhys R.
2019 Financial distress and hedging: Evidence from Canadian oil firmsMo, Kun; Suvankulov, Farrukh; Griffiths, Sophie
2019 Non-bank financial intermediation in Canada: An updateBédard-Pagé, Guillaume
2019 Global commodity markets and rebalancing in China: The case of copperBailliu, Jeannine N.; Bilgin, Doga; Mo, Kun; Niquidet, Kurt; Sawatzky, Benjamin
2019 A tale of two countries: Cash demand in Canada and SwedenEngert, Walter; Fung, Ben; Segendorff, Björn
2019 2018 Bitcoin Omnibus Survey: Awareness and usageHenry, Christopher; Huynh, Kim; Nicholls, Gradon; Nicholson, Mitchell
2019 Changing fortunes: Long-termism - G-Zero, artificial intelligence and debtPoloz, Stephen S.
2019 Exploring wage Phillips curves in advanced economiesCunningham, Rose; Rai, Vikram; Hess, Kristina
2019 Technological progress and monetary policy: Managing the fourth industrial revolutionPoloz, Stephen S.
2019 A comprehensive evaluation of measures of core inflation for Canada: An updateLao, Helen; Steyn, Ceciline
2019 How oil supply shocks affect the global economy: Evidence from local projectionsGervais, Olivier
2019 Canadian securities lending market ecologyJohal, Jesse; Roberts, Joanna; Sim, John
2018 Government of Canada securities in the cash, repo and securities lending marketsBulusu, Narayan; Gungor, Sermin
2018 Canada's experience with trade policyCharbonneau, Karyne; De Munnik, Daniel; Murphy, Laura
2018 Alternative futures for government of Canada debt managementGarriott, Corey; Lefebvre, Sophie; Nolin, Guillaume; Rivadeneyra, Francisco; Walton, Adrian
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 171