Bank of Canada Staff Discussion Papers

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2022 Transition scenarios for analyzing climate-related financial riskChen, Henry; Ens, Erik; Gervais, Olivier; Hosseini, Hossein; Johnston, Craig; Kabaca, Serdar; Molico, Miguel; Paltsev, Sergey V.; Proulx, Alex; Toktamyssov, Argyn
2022 Payment coordination and liquidity efficiency in the new Canadian wholesale payments systemRivadeneyra, Francisco; Zhang, Nellie
2022 Heterogeneity and monetary policy: A thematic reviewAlves, Felipe; Bustamante, Christian; Guo, Xing; Kartashova, Katya; Lee, Soyoung; Pugh, Thomas; See, Kurt; Terajima, Yaz; Ueberfeldt, Alexander
2021 Qualitative field research in monetary policy makingD'Souza, Chris; Voll, Jane
2021 COVID-19 crisis: Lessons learned for future policy researchFontaine, Jean-Sébastien; Garriott, Corey; Johal, Jesse; Lee, Jessica; Uthemann, Andreas
2021 Cash and COVID-19: The effects of lifting containment measures on cash demand and useChen, Heng; Engert, Walter; Huynh, Kim P.; Nicholls, Gradon; Zhu, Hui
2021 Can the Business Outlook Survey help improve estimates of the Canadian output gap?Cheung, Calista; Frymire, Luke; Pichette, Lise
2021 An exploration of First Nations reserves and access to cashChen, Heng; Engert, Walter; Huynh, Kim P.; O'Habib, Daneal
2021 Measuring and evaluating strategic communications at the Bank of CanadaPortelance, Annie
2021 Assessing global potential output growth: October 2020Chen, Xin Scott; Jaffery, Ali; Nolin, Guillaume; Salhab, Karim; Shannon, Peter; Sarker, Subrata
2021 Complementarities between fiscal policy and monetary policy - literature reviewDong, Wei; Dunbar, Geoffrey; Friedrich, Christian; Matveev, Dmitry; Priftis, Romanos; Shao, Lin
2021 Occasionally binding constraints in large models: A review of solution methodsSwarbrick, Jonathan M.
2021 Adoption of digital technologies: Insights from a global survey initiativeFudurich, James; Suchanek, Lena; Pichette, Lise
2021 Stablecoin assessment frameworkGarcía, Alejandro; Lands, Bena; Yanchus, Dennis
2021 Assessing labour market slack for monetary policyEns, Erik; Savoie-Chabot, Laurence; See, Kurt; Wee, Shu Lin
2021 The Bank of Canada's "horse race" of alternative monetary policy frameworks: Some interim results from model simulationsDorich, José; Mendes, Rhys; Zhang, Yang
2021 Rising US LNG exports and global natural gas price convergenceIalenti, Robert
2021 Sequencing extended monetary policies at the effective lower boundZhang, Yang; Suchanek, Lena; Swarbrick, Jonathan M.; Wagner, Joel; Schlanger, Tudor
2021 Cash and COVID-19: The impact of the second wave in CanadaChen, Heng; Engert, Walter; Felt, Marie-Hélène; Huynh, Kim P.; Nicholls, Gradon; O'Habib, Daneal; Zhu, Hui
2021 The positive case for a CBDCUsher, Andrew; Reshidi, Edona; Rivadeneyra, Francisco; Hendry, Scott
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 201