Bank of Canada Staff Discussion Papers

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2018 Fundamental drivers of existing home sales in CanadaWebley, Taylor
2018 An alternative estimate of Canadian potential output: The multivariate state-space frameworkPichette, Lise; Bernier, Maria; Robitaille, Marie-Noëlle
2017 Global Real Activity for Canadian Exports: GRACEBinette, André; Chernis, Tony; De Munnik, Daniel
2017 The costs of point-of-sale payments in CanadaKosse, Anneke; Chen, Heng; Felt, Marie-Hélène; Jiongo, Valéry Dongmo; Nield, Kerry; Welte, Angelika
2017 Repo market functioning when the interest rate is low or negativeFontaine, Jean-Sébastien; Hately, James; Walton, Adrian
2017 Assessing the Business Outlook Survey indicator using real-time dataPichette, Lise; Robitaille, Marie-Noëlle
2017 An improved equation for predicting Canadian non-commodity exportsAlexander, Patrick; Cayen, Jean-Philippe; Proulx, Alex
2017 A three-frequency dynamic factor model for nowcasting Canadian provincial GDP growthChernis, Tony; Cheung, Calista; Velasco, Gabriella
2017 What's up with unit non-response in the Bank of Canada's business outlook survey? The effect of staff tenureMiller, Sarah; Amirault, David; Martin, Laurent
2017 Monetary policy under uncertainty: Practice versus theoryMendes, Rhys; Murchison, Stephen; Wilkins, Carolyn A.
2017 Fintech: Is this time different? A framework for assessing risks and opportunities for central banksAaron, Meyer; Rivadeneyra, Francisco; Sohal, Samantha
2017 Communicating uncertainty in monetary policyKozicki, Sharon; Vardy, Jill
2017 Who pays? CCP resource provision in the post-Pittsburgh worldCruz Lopez, Jorge; Manning, Mark
2017 Central bank digital currency: Motivations and implicationsEngert, Walter; Fung, Ben Siu-Cheong
2017 Understanding the time variation in exchange rate pass-through to import pricesCunningham, Rose M.; Friedrich, Christian; Hess, Kristina; Kim, Min Jae
2017 Product sophistication and the slowdown in Chinese export growthKruger, Mark; Steingress, Walter; Thanabalasingam, Sri
2017 Methodology for assigning credit ratings to sovereignsMuller, Philippe; Bourque, Jérôme
2017 What explains month-end funding pressure in Canada?Sutherland, Christopher S.
2017 Multilateral development bank credit rating methodology: Overcoming the challenges in assessing relative credit risk in highly rated institutions based on public dataChen, David; Muller, Philippe; Wagué, Hawa
2016 On the nexus of monetary policy and financial stability: Effectiveness of macroprudential tools in building resilience and mitigating financial imbalancesDamar, Evren; Molico, Miguel
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 157